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Cole Hardware Mission Street Fire Update

Firefighters at Cole Hardware Mission St Location

On Saturday, June 18, a raging fire gutted our Mission neighborhood store. This was the second of our five locations opened in 1984. We are grateful that no one was injured and we were able to relocate all of our staff members into our other stores. Unfortunately nearly 60 residents of the surrounding apartments were displaced by the fire. In order to help these neighbors, all of our stores are collecting funds through our Coins for the Community program. We’re working with the Mission Economic Development Agency to assure that 100% of money collected will go directly to the fire victims. Cash can be donated in our spare change jars located at each register or through a credit or debit card during checkout.

The outpouring of support that we have received from the community has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated. It is heartbreaking for all of us to not be in the neighborhood anymore! We do hope to open again as soon as possible. But I’m afraid that won’t be anytime soon.

In the meantime, if we can assist our Bernal/Mission patrons in anyway, please contact us. We are always available for free advice, and we deliver too! Feel free to say hello or ask of us anything you like. You can reach me at anytime.

Thank you for your years of patronage, and especially for your friendship.
RickFirefighters at Cole Hardware Mission St LocationCole Hardware Storefront post Mission St Fire

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Tips for Home Safety and Accessibility

Safer Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner

Hazards in the home are responsible for about a third of the injuries suffered by older adults, and people with impairments may face difficulties—and barriers to independent living—in their own environments. It therefore makes sense to observe household habits, identify problem areas, and make changes that will help create safer, more accessible living situations. Since June is Home Safety Month, we’ve compiled a list of easy fixes to common problems. The products shown are samples of the many from which to choose at Cole Hardware.


  • Improve lighting, if necessary, both indoors and out, to add safety as well as security. FrogLeggs Night Vision LightTake special note of stairways, and don’t forget closets.
  • Night lights or motion-sensor lights should be put in hallways and bathrooms used at night. Entryways and stairwells should be well lighted, too. One of our favorite motion sensor lights is the Light It™ wireless LED porch light, which can stand on a surface or be mounted on a wall. (Sku 3266087, $31.99)
  • Key ring flashlights allow maneuvering through dark parking areas—or even to the bathroom. The FrogLeggs™ Night Vision light is small enough to attach to a key ring and features a long-life LED bulb. (Sku 9309501, $3.49)
  • Stair safety treads provide stability, and a contrasting color tread at the edge of a step gives a visual cue. Cole Hardware has assorted widths, colors, and textures available.
  • Handrails should be positioned about adult elbow height on both sides of staircases. Knobs at both ends will alert the user that the stairs end.Monaco Lok-Lift Rug Gripper
  • Grab bars should be situated vertically at tops of stairs, and bars or handrails should be placed in bathrooms where needed (towel racks should never be used for support).
  • A shower seat and a handheld showerhead will help avoid fatigue and eliminate bending. The Safety First™ nonslip seat has rustproof legs and fits in standard tubs and showers. (Sku 4017000, $44.99) The Oxygenics® handheld power massage showerhead has five settings, a 5-foot hose, and a stationary mounting bracket. Easy installation. (Sku 4495750, $39.99)
  • Nonslip coatings or safety mats or strips will guard against slips in tubs and showers. Bath mats should have nonskid backings.
  • Limit the use of extension cords and fasten them to baseboards. 3M Cord Clips hold firmly and remove cleanly with no surface damage. Each clip holds 1 pound. Package of four clips and five adhesive strips. (Sku 5095856, $4.99)
  • Throw rugs should be removed or secured to the floor with double-sided rug tape such as Manco® Lok-Lift Rug Gripper 2.5″ x 25′. (Sku 6016158, $11.99)
  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches are great for those with poor hand strength.Safer Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner
  • Relocate items in cupboards and cabinets so that they are low enough to be easily reached.
  • Lower closet shelves if necessary.
  • A long-handled pick-up tool can be used to reach objects that are on high shelves or on the floor. The Pik Stik pick-up tool has a 32″ handle and a 4″ jaw opening. It will hold a 3-pound object. (Sku 2114957, $29.99)
  • If a step stool is necessary, a sturdy one with side handles should be used.
  • Clear moss and mildew from shady stairs and sidewalks so that areas are not slippery. Water-based Safer® Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner will do the job—plus it’s noncorrosive to metals and will actually beautify wood. (Sku 7115991, $19.99)
  • Hose reels loop hoses out of the way.
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Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles - logoMason Jar CandlesA San Francisco–based company, Mason Jar Candles, Inc., has taken America’s most iconic jar and paired it with one of America’s top crops: the soybean. These soy candles will provide warmth to any room in the home or add a glowing ambience to any outdoor space. Candles are proudly made from 100% pure soy wax originating from farm-grown, organic soybeans. Each hand-poured candle contains a delectable scent, evenly distributed for a long-lasting, aroma-packed burn.

The classic 16-ounce mason jars are custom crafted and can be glammed and glittered up for any occasion, including weddings, parties, or romantic dinners. In addition to the joy you’ll get if you give these as gifts, you’ll also be helping those in need. For every candle purchased, a minimum of 10% of profits are donated to aid charities that support mental illness, education, hunger, and homelessness. Mason Jar Candles, Inc., is working to become a full-fledge not-for-profit company, out to support those in need. Choose from coconut mango, fields of lavender, French flower garden, jasmine, and red currant. 80–120 hour burn time. (Skus 622008, 35, 37–39, $14.99)

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Oakland Dust Spice Rubs

oakland-dust-logoThe story of Oakland Dust goes back to when I was a child sitting shotgun outside Flint’s BBQ in my pop’s idling ’75 Cutlass. Those summer days: the captivating Bill King on the radio, the scent of mesquite-fueled smoke billowing from above. Pop would roll to Flint’s on Shattuck just about every Sunday, pick up a full slab, hot links, and extra Wonder Bread to soak up all that goodness. By the time we made it home, half the links would be gone, and my lips would be on fire. This is where my love affair with pork, and all foods, began. I created Oakland Dust for my love of food and for the city I proudly call home.

Handcrafted, locally inspired spice rubs for all your favorite foods, our unique blends add flavor to all your creations. Try dusting on popcorn, roasted veggies, and salads. You’re the boss in the kitchen—we’re just here to add a little spice.
—Lloyd Ross, Founder of Oakland Dust

Our Rockridge store carries Oakland Dust in a pork rub, chicken rub, and curry rub. (Skus 869005, 097–8, $7.99)


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Big Green Egg EGGcessories

In addition to Big Green Eggs, our stores stock a variety of EGGcessories. These various specialty cookware tools will help you get the most versatility out of your EGG, allowing you to cook an entire meal without dirtying one skillet!

Big Green Egg - ConvEGGtorConvEGGtor®

The Big Green Egg is designed to work as a complete outdoor cooking system, producing unrivaled results whether grilling, roasting, smoking, or baking. Nothing contributes more to the versatility of your EGG than adding a convEGGtor, designed to facilitate indirect cooking by providing a heat-directing barrier between the food and charcoal, transforming your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. In conjunction with the thermal properties of the EGG, the convEGGtor efficiently radiates heat within the dome and prevents direct flames and heat from overcooking food. Available in all EGG sizes small to XL. (Skus 869011, 12, 69, 68, $64.99–$139.99)

Vertical Ceramic Poultry RoastersBig Green Egg - Vertical Ceramic Roaster

Using a vertical roaster on the EGG will produce the juiciest, most flavorful poultry you’ve ever tasted. Vertical roasters hold a chicken or turkey upright during cooking for even browning and easier carving when done. Ceramic roasters hold liquid such as fruit juice or beer to add even more flavor. (Sittin’ Chicken Roaster: Sku 869018, $18.99; Sittin’ Turkey Roaster: Sku 869019, $21.99)

Big Green Egg - Grill WokGrill Wok

Grill woks make it easy to cook vegetables, meat, seafood, or any other smaller pieces of food that might slip through a standard cooking grid. Heat and smoke circulate around the foods for even cooking and flavor absorption. Nonstick finish. (Sku 869042, $27.99)

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Pollinators: What’s the Buzz?

pollinatorsPollinators are responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat! Pollinators—butterflies, bees, and moths—also help repopulate plants and add diversity to the environment, making an ecosystem more resilient. Unfortunately, pollinators are in decline. Gardeners are crucial to helping reverse this trend. The simple action of sowing seeds is powerful. It can create habitats that protect and feed pollinators, strengthening their population.

The Four “P”s of Pollinator-Friendly Gardening

1. Plant flowers: Provide food for pollinators by sowing flowers, especially native varieties.
2. Plant diversity: Plant a diversity of bloom times, colors, and heights. By staggering bloom times, you provide a reason for pollinators to call your garden home throughout the growing season. Some pollinators are very small and need very small, open flowers in order to access the pollen or nectar. Sow a diversity of flower shapes and sizes, usually simpler (single vs. double petal) varieties of flowers work for more species.
3. Provide water: In your water feature, create small islands with stones where pollinators can land and climb in and out of the water.
4. Pass on pesticides: Look for organic ways to block pests, disrupt their life cycle, and invite their predators. Integrated pest management (IPM) techniques utilize simple solutions, such as using a fabric row cover to block pests. Sowing varieties like alyssum and allowing dill to flower both attract beneficial and predatory insects.

pollinator-friendly-seedsOur friends at Botanical Interests® seeds have created a pollinator-friendly custom-blend flower seed mix, and 100% of the profits go directly to the Pollinator Partnership, whose mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. At this great price, pick up a few packs! (Sku 700608, $1.00)

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Max Riedel Stops By

max-riedelMax Riedel, the 11th generation to run the Riedel wine glass company based in Kufstein, Austria, paid a visit to our downtown Fourth Street store in April. The company, founded in Bohemia in 1756, makes wine glasses tailored to specific grape varietals in order to enhance the taste of each wine. All Cole Hardware locations carry an assortment of Riedel glassware.


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Sidewalk Sale

sidewalk-saleAs part of San Francisco’s Small Business Week, all Cole Hardware locations— including our Oakland Rockridge store—will celebrate with a sidewalk sale on May 21, along with merchants across the various business corridors in the City. We’ll be
cleaning house and lining the sidewalks at each of our stores with hundreds of bargains! We have lots of merchandise that is in good shape but perhaps a bit shopworn—ripped packaging or maybe a little scratched or dusty. We need to empty the warehouse and make room for summer and fall merchandise. Everything will be marked down 25% to 75%, so you’ll find some exceptional deals.

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Big Green Egg Organic Lump Charcoal

big-green-egg-charcoalBig Green Egg (BGE) has long been committed to eco-friendly and natural products—what else would you expect from a company whose middle name is green?! When you reach for the familiar Big Green Egg bag, you are getting 100% organic lump charcoal, made from American oak and hickory ultra-premium hardwood.

What’s the difference? BGE painstakingly sources its organic charcoal to ensure that it is pure hardwood and contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, treated wood, or petroleum by-products. Unlike some charcoals and briquettes on the market today, pure and natural BGE charcoal is only carbonized wood, with no additives whatsoever.

More important, your food is going to taste better when you cook with BGE charcoal. In fact, many chefs consider BGE charcoal one of the secret ingredients that contributes to the distinctive flavor of the food cooked on an EGG. When selecting lump charcoal, you’ll always rest easy knowing the familiar green and yellow bag contains pure hardwoods, without the chemicals that quick-light charcoal products.

You put a lot of effort into creating your favorite recipes and meals. Don’t come up short when it comes to the fuel for your EGG. Available in two convenient sizes. (10-pound bag: Sku 870016, $16.99; 20-pound bag: Sku 870010, $32.99)

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What’s New in LED Lighting

led-bulbThey appear to be bulbs, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are actually tiny semiconductors. When power is applied, they are stimulated by the movement of electrons, thus creating photons, or light, that is visible to the human eye. Because LEDs do not use filaments, like incandescent bulbs, they emit much less heat and are more efficient in consumption and output. Quickly replacing fluorescent bulbs and tubes, prices have drastically dropped in the last few years as the technology becomes more prevalent.

LED Replacement Tube

Convert your existing fluorescent fixture to LED light technology without having to replace ballasts or rewire lamp holders. Simply plug in these shatterproof acrylic tubes. An ideal replacement for T8 tubes, these tubes are mercury-free, feature a 35,000 hour rated life, and can save up to 66% in energy costs. Suitable for any indoor area, even damp locations, the cool-white glow features 1,600 lumens. No flickering or strobing. Available in a 4-foot length 2-pack. (Sku 366082, $29.99)

Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb

For any area you want lit at night for security or safety, these nondimmable Dusk to Dawn LED light bulbs feature a built-in automatic on/off sensor that turns on at night and turns off during the day. The base can also be twisted to adjust the sensor direction. Energy efficient, these LEDs use up to 84% less energy than their standard incandescent counterpart. With a warm-white glow, the long life of 25,000 hours means these bulbs won’t need to be replaced for years. And unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs contain no mercury. (Sku 366085, $14.99)

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