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  Rootcups help to start roots in water for plant clippings, seeds such as avocado, and bulbs. Cutting roots are   protected from light, which aids growth. Leaves are held above the water to prevent rotting and the lid captures evaporation so cuttings need little attention. The raw material is common beach sand, which after processing results in a durable, non-toxic flexible elastomer.  Rootcups are available in two sizes and in three colors: gray, green, and clay. (Small: $4.99; Large: $13.99)

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Cuisinart® 12-Cup Coffee Maker


cole_buy_now_buttonWith the push of a
button, the water is
heated and runs
through the machine,
through the beans and
the filter, and into the
carafe. The end result
is a conveniently
prepared pot of coffe


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Escali® SMARTCONNECT™ Scales


You are what you eat and Escali will help you realize connection between you eat and you weigh.

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Connected by TCP™


Connected by TCP utilizes LED technology operates on a home’s Wi-network and controlled by any iOS- or Android-enabled device

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CoverGrip™ Safety Drop Cloths

These drop cloths are made with heavy-duty canvas that is backed by a patented covering of rubberized PVC dots. These dots create a strong grip between the cloth and the floor, so the cloth doesn’t budge an inch even when ladders or tools are being moved around on top of it. They also create a cushion to help protect surfaces from any damage that might occur if tools are accidentally dropped.

CoverGrip™ Safety Drop ClothsThe rows of dots also create a guide for folding drop cloths into perfectly straight lines, so bunching and uneven coverage are not a concern when working on stairs or in other tight spaces. Professional painters, plumbers, and tradespeople in many other areas of expertise demand CoverGrip cloths, but they are also great to have on hand for your own projects around the house. The best news is that these drop cloths can be safely machine washed and dried!

We carry CoverGrip drop cloths in four sizes to fit any of your needs, ranging from 3.5′ x 4′ to 8′ x 10′. (Skus 139100–103, $14.99–$49.99)

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Unlace™ Cord Wraps

Unlace™ Cord Wraps

10_Unlace_MacCordBundle-WEB_1024x1024A colorful, twistable lace for untangling knotty problems with cords and cables, Unlace wraps come in two sizes: the 5-inch lace is perfect for smaller cords like earbuds; the 10-inch lace can handle burly computer and cable wires. You’ll find a million and one purposes for these multifunction twists—they make perfect wine glass charms with a quick coil around the stem, for example. Each package contains four unlaces in assorted colors. (5-inch Sku 341007,9, $8.99; 10-inch: Sku 341011-12, $9.99)

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Cuisinart Compact Sparkling Beverage Maker

Cuisinart SparklerTaking DIY soda making to a whole new level, the Cuisinart Compact Sparkling Beverage Maker is a portable device that allows you to carbonate your own beverages on the go! A single use, recyclable CO2 charger is popped on top of the included bottle. A twist of the cap takes tap water from still to sparkling! Lots of folks enjoy using soda makers at home, but their countertop unit is hardly practical to take along when you leave the house. Keep this compact system in you backpack, purse, or desk to make staying hydrated throughout the day a little more bubbly! The initial kit include the carbonator head and chamber, five CO2 chargers, a beverage bottle, and a variety of flavors-our favorites include Cole-Lemon and Lychee. (Sku 606110, $49.99) Addition CO2 chargers are sold in a pack of 24. (Sku 606111, $19.99)

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Cuisinart Fresh Edge Food Storage

Fresh Edge

New Cuisinart Fresh Edge containers keep your food fresher than ever. Buying dry foods from bulk bins and storing in reusable containers at home reduces landfill that results from food packaging. These new containers feature lids with a vacuum pump that removes excess air from inside the container. Air is sealed out until you are ready to eat what’s inside, by twisting a button that unseals the lid with a satisfying hiss. These BPA-free containers are stackable too, saving room in your cabinet, pantry, or refrigerator. They’re also attractive enough to have out on your counter for pretty pastas or frequently used foods you want to have in reach. (Skus 63710-7, $12.99-$22.99)

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iRobot Roomba

Roomba in use

Rumba with the Roomba!

Vacuum your carpets without lifting a finger! The Roomba is a new vacuum cleaning robot that cleans hardwood, carpets, tile, and linoleum. See them at your local Cole Hardware location! (Sku 1503879, $349.99)

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BioBag Food Storage

Sandwich-Resealable_web2BioBag® Food Storage Products

Make the holidays a bit more earth friendly! BioBag, known for its popular kitchen and garden compost bags, introduces cling wrap, resealable sandwich bags, and resealable food storage bags.

These first-of-a-kind food storage items are made from resin that is derived from plant starches, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers. (Skus  655200–2, $5.99–$6.49)

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Carhartt Boots – now at Cole Fox!

Carhartt work clothing and boots are synonymous with high quality and are the preferred brand for many professions that demand and require durable clothing. Hamilton Carhartt founded his namesake company with one goal in mind: Set a standard of excellence to which all others would aspire. Along with an extensive line of Carhartt clothing, these work boots in men’s sizes 8-13 can also now be found at Cole Fox. When things get a bit sloppy or slippery, you’ll appreciate the oil- and chemical-slip resistant properties of these boots.

Men’s 6-inch Work Boot

Carhartt CMS4100With a heel stabilizer safety toe, the boot features a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry even in the wettest conditions. (Sku 928143, $159.99)

  • -6-inch Brown oil tanned leather
  • -Direct attached welt construction with dual density PU outsole
  • -OrthoLite® insoles, padded collars, and comfort tongue
  • -Molded TPU Heel Stabilizer
  • -Waterproof membrane
  • -Oil, chemical and slip resistant.



Romeo Waterproof Boot

A stretchable, twin gore opening at the ankle makes this 4-inch work boot easy to pull on. Made of high-quality, oil-tanned leather with waterproof foot construction, it includes a Goodyear welt with blown rubber outsole. (Sku 928515, $119.99)

  • OrthoLite® insole for comfort.
  • Oil-tanned leather
  • Waterproof foot construction
  • Oil-, chemical- and slip-resistant sole

Waterproof Boot

A great all-around boot that’s ready for any challenge, these boots are lightweight and comfortable and feature a high-abrasion blown rubber, slip-resistant insert. (Sku 928701, $149.99)

  • Tan brown, oil-tanned leather.
  • Dual-density, Goodyear welt-construction outsole for gripping power
  • Waterproof membrane keeps you dry
  • Oil- and chemical-slip resistant

Work-Flex® Work Boot

This work boot is rough and ready for a bruising day of labor. It features cement construction with a Carhartt rubber outsole. An EVA midsole with PU strobel pad and an OrthoLite® insole provide 5 layers of cushion and flexibility. It nicely accommodates you every time you bend, crouch, reach, lift, or haul. (Sku 928710, $129.99)

  • Brown, oil-tanned leather
  • Cement construction
  • Five layers of cushion and flexibility
  • Oil- and chemical-slip resistant
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