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Quick Dam

The new alternative to heavy sand bags.

Absorbs, contains and diverts water! Self activates when wet.


If the El Niño predictions are correct, our heaviest rains will hit from January through March. Although there are relatively few creeks or streams in our urban areas, flooding occurs often during heavy downpours in driveways and backyards. Clogged storm drains are another source of flooding on city streets. Be prepared to protect flood-prone areas around your house with Quick Dam. These flood bags and barriers work similarly to sand bags in diverting water, but they are much more convenient—no heavy sand to lug around for one thing!

Compact and lightweight, these reusable barriers activate and swell when wet and evaporate when dry. They’ll reactivate when wet again and degrade naturally after several months of ongoing use, so they should last through the El Niño rains. Available in a 6-pack of bags (Sku 5681689, $39.99) or 10-foot barrier (Sku 5681622, $24.99).

quickdam1 quickdam2

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Snow Cable Chains

Don’t get caught on the mountain pass without snow cable chains!

tireVeteran Tahoe travelers know that tire chains, also known as tire cables, are sometimes necessary when crossing the mountain passes in winter. These are sold by the pair and help car or truck tires get more traction in conditions where snow and/or ice have accumulated on the road. Four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles with snow tires used to be exempt from chain controls, but no longer. All vehicles must now carry chains to enter a chain control area. Our Cobra™ cable chains feature tough carbon-steel rollers that provide traction and long wear. The low-profile steel rollers allow increased tire-to-road contact, resulting in better stability, plus a considerable reduction in noise and vibration, and they are galvanized for rust prevention.

All Cole Hardware locations stock four of the most popular size cables for cars (Skus 818818–21, $46.99–$49.99) and a popular truck size (Sku 818822, $99.99). Just bring in your specific tire size as set forth by the ISO metric tire code. Virtually all tires have this information molded into the sidewalls, or you can refer to the factory specs for tires if the tires have not been changed on your car since you purchased it.

What if we don’t carry your size? No worries! We can special order the chains for you. Just come in with your tire size by Monday, and if we don’t have the size you need, we’ll order them and have them in our store for you by Thursday of that week.

IMPORTANT! If you buy a pair of Cobra cable chains, you must use a pair of tensioners with them. These are essentially six small, rubber, bungee-type cords bound by a circular rubber piece in the center, and come two to a bag. (Sku 818823, $12.99) This is an integral part of the Cobra system and cannot be omitted.

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Carhartt® Force® Work Boots

They feel like a running shoe but work like a boot. Carhartt’s new Force boots are 20% lighter than old-school work boots, and ounce for ounce just as tough. Fast Dry® technology wicks away sweat for comfort, while Ortholite® insoles fight fatigue and odors. Waterproof, breathcarhartt-workforce-bootable liners will keep feet dry during those impending El Nino storms. Available in black leather in men’s sizes 9–13.

(Skus 29256–63, $159.99)

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New From Timbuk2

timbuk2Check out the new arrivals from Timbuk2 at our downtown Fourth Street and Rockridge locations, including the new Sunset Collection. The Sunset backpack and messenger bag both feature premium trims and liner fabric with a soft surface finish. An internal slip pocket fts a 13″ MacBook Pro, so you can carry your work with you. The Sunset Collection’s casual style packs serious personality, designed for those who ride against the grain. Available in black, carbon, and cocoa, with contrasting high-lights. (Backpack: Skus 926535–6, $90.99; Messenger Bag: Skus 926537–9, $82.99)

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vogmaskCheck out these beautiful masks for reducing exposure to airborne particles! Vogmasks are the most comfortable and protected way to cycle to work, camp in the desert, ride Muni, clean a dusty attic, and more. Available in either a high-fltering microfber material or a 100% organic cotton style,Vogmasks have an ergonomic design that makes them extremely comfortable to wear, with spandex ear loops that provide a good ft and an aluminum noseband that allows for an effective seal. Assorted styles. (Skus 235028–33, $19.99) Our stores also now stock new Vogmasks that feature an advanced N99 flter. The respirator masks flter high particulate matter (PM 2.5), germs, and pollen. With excellent fit, comfort, and design, Vogmask N99 meets NIOSH filter efficiency N99 standards, inhalation/exhalation resistance, and bacterial filtering efficiency in tests by Nelson Labs. (Skus 235042–7, $29.99)

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Solutions from Holster® Brands

New to Cole Hardware, ingenious Holster Brands products are silicone storage pockets for household items that you like to have within reach. Using them could not be easier—the patented design allows the holster to cling to any smooth surface by eliminating the air between the two surfaces and creating a temporary bond. They are easy to clean and move, so they can be used time after time for all of your cleaning, workshop, crafting, organizing, and even hairstyling needs! Holster Brands items are resistant to high heat so that curling irons or glue guns can safely be held in place. Once the bond is formed onto a dry surface, holsters can safely be sprayed with waWhat-and-Where-TUBter when used in the sink or on a shower wall. Items pictured range from $11.99–$19.99.

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Felicia’s Favorites: Seed Starter Pellets and Brick Plus

soilstarterPolk Street’s Felicia has a green thumb and loves to garden. One of her tips for getting your seeds to sprout sooner is to use Wonder Soil®, a light-weight soiless growing medium made from premium coco coir. With guaranteed low salts, it promotes a stronger root system, faster germination, and enhanced plant growth. Available in various sizes and formulas for different gardening applications, the Seed Starter pellets and Brick Plus expand up to seven times their volume when water is added. The inclusion of water-saving polymers allows a savings of up to 50% water, too, for up to four years.

These products promote exceptional gardening success for both the novice and professional.

(Seed Starter: Sku 745006, $11.99; Brick Plus: Sku 745009, $9.99)

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Moroccan Marketplace

Liven up your spring tabletop or tea time with ceramic Moroccan marketplace–inspired pieces! Mix and match for an eclectic and vibrant feel.

Moroccan Tile Pitcher
(Sku 625065, $19.99)

Ikat Flower Pitcher
(Sku 625066, $19.99; not shown)

Tapered Moroccan Tile Mug, 13-ounce
(Sku 625067, $5.99)

Stacking Moroccan Tile Mug, 15-ounce
(Sku 625068, $6.99)

Moroccan Tile Teapotmoroccanmarketplacemoroccanmarketplace2
(Sku 625069, $24.99)

Small Embossed Bowl
(Skus 625056–60, $4.99)

Large Stamped Bowl
(Skus 625061–64, $7.99)

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Chive Pottery

Brighten up your patio, desk, or mantel with planted succulents or spring buds in adorable miniature-sized pottery and vases from Chive. The cube planter is an especially great choice for potting miniature plants, as they feature a hole for drainage unlike most planters of this size. Chive’s simple yet elegant designs easily complement any setting, from classic to contemporary. (Prices of pictured pieces $9.99–$24.99) chivepottery

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compokeepercompokeeper-imageHopefully, most Hardware Hotline readers whose home has either a curbside compost program or a bit of garden space are taking advantage of the opportunity to compost. Composting lessens our collective environmental footprint by taking green waste that would otherwise end up causing pollution in landflls and channeling it directly into a more valuable material. However, sometimes the realities of keeping a compost receptacle in the home kitchen are less than desirable. As the food waste breaks down, it can cause odors and attract fruit fies—not very pleasant additions to the room where we spend our time cooking and eating! The CompoKeeper is a new product that we are loving at Cole Hardware, as it has solved many frequent complaints we hear about the unpleasant sides of composting kitchen scraps. What sets the CompoKeeper apart from traditional compost receptacles we’ve tried? • Two foot pedals make for a hands-free, cleaner composting experience.• Its patented bag-sealing technology lock smells in and keep bugs away.• A generous 6-gallon capacity allows for more storage room and fewer trips outside.• A sleek design makes it an attractive addition to the kitchen.• It can easily be set up for under-the-counter or free-standing use in the kitchen. The CompoKeeper is available at Cole Hardware in green or black. Pick one up today and revolutionize your home composting experience! (Sku 740000–1, $69.99)


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