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Big Green Egg® Demonstration

bgeRockridge Store
5533 College Avenue
Saturday, September 17
11:00 am–2:00 pm

From appetizers and entrées to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection. With seven convenient sizes to choose from, there is a Big Green Egg to fit any lifestyle. The EGG® stands alone as the most versatile barbecue and outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined. More than just a barbecue, the Big Green Egg is a complete cooking system that allows you to grill, slow cook, bake, smoke, and roast.

See the Big Green Egg in action and prepare to get hungry! Join us as we cook up a variety of tasty treats while demonstrating how easy it is!

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Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

august-logoWhat can our smartphones not do these days! Our stores now feature two cool new products that will make your life easier and make your home smarter. The August Smart Lock allows for keyless home entry with your smartphone. Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and know who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone. The August Smart Lock easily installs on the inside of your door using only a screwdriver. Choose to grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes, or even specific dates and times; you’re in control. Never make duplicate keys again! Send a virtual key from anywhere instantly—all from the August app. Available in silver and dark gray. (Skus 503021–2, $199.99)august-smart-lock

No more fumbling for keys, as the August Smart Lock auto-locks behind you for peace of mind and unlocks as you approach for a hands-free entry. Know who comes and goes with the 24/7 activity log. The August app tracks who enters and exits your home and when. Keep your existing door hardware. Your door’s exterior hardware stays the same; the August Smart Lock only replaces the interior portion of your deadbolt. Use your traditional key any time. The lock works with most standard deadbolts and installs in about 15 minutes with just a screwdriver and nothing to wire.
Sold separately, the August Connect module allows you to remotely access your lock. (Sku 503018, $79.99)
smartlock-camsmartlock-phoneThe August Doorbell Cam lets you see and speak with visitors at your door, from anywhere. Always know who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home. This doorbell cam alerts you when the bell is rung. A one-way highdefinition camera lets you view visitors from your smartphone while still ensuring your privacy. Whether you missed a visitor or want to replay a conversation, the August Doorbell Cam records each interaction at your door. Replay audio and video through the August app. The doorbell cam replaces your doorbell and works with existing wiring. Available in dark gray or silver. (Sku 503014, 503017, $199.99)

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Oakland Pride Happy Hour and Benefit

10-off-pride-couponSunday, September 11
4:00 pm–8:00 pm
Rockridge Store
5533 College Avenue

Shop with us at our Rockridge store and save 10% during our Oakland Pride Happy Hour and Benefit. Not only will you save 10%, but 10% of all sales will benefit Lyon-Martin Health Services and the many programs it administers in the community. Founded in 1979 by a group of medical providers and health activists as a clinic for lesbians who lacked access to nonjudgmental, affordable health care, the clinic soon became a model for culturally sensitive community-based health care. The clinic is named after Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, feminists and well-known LGBTQ civil rights activists. Visit for further information, and please join us for a fun evening, a glass of wine, and some sweets.

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Indian Summer Hardware Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Cole Hardware

Happy Hour at Cole Hardware20-off-couponWednesday, September 14
4:00 pm–8:00 pm
All Cole Hardware Stores

Enjoy our Indian Summer Hardware Happy Hour with a glass of our Cutting Edge wine. Take advantage of our 20% off storewide savings to stock up on some household essentials, buy a treat for yourself, or even start your holiday shopping—it’s never too early to at least start getting ideas for those special folks on your list. We hope to see you!

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Marc: Master Locksmith

For the month of September, Marc is offering a special price of $49.99 for a security consultation-- a $100 savings!

For the month of September, Marc is offering a special price of $49.99 for a security consultation– a $100 savings!

You may already know Marc Estoque, our Master Class Locksmith. Marc, a native San Franciscan, has been working with Cole Hardware for more than 20 years; in fact, he has over 30 years experience installing and maintaining locks in the many Victorians and Edwardians in San Francisco. He takes pride in his work and offers unparalleled customer service in the Cole Hardware tradition.
A typical call for Marc these days is a “rekey” (combination change) whereby, for any number of reasons, a customer needs his or her locks changed. Marc also gets calls when customers are locked out of their house or car. In most cases, Marc can provide a fast 30-minute response time for calls in the City.
Marc advises everyone to take a few minutes to recall who might have copies of their property keys, such as a former housemate, dog walker, tradesperson, contractor, and so on. Many people live in shared housing, and locks and keys are rarely changed when a property is bought, sold, or rerented, which means former tenants and their friends, associates, and others might still have keys to your home.
We have seen so many advancements in technology in recent years. Marc is versed in the many different high-security locks and their installations, including commercial applications such as magnetic card readers, biometric (fingerprint reader) locks, and push-button entry systems. In addition, Marc can install the many new smart locks available now, including the August Smart Lock featured on page 4, which allows you to control who has access at all times.
Marc suggests that homeowners should consider getting a security consultation if they have any doubts or concerns about the overall security of their property. Additionally, they should install quality locks such as Schlage or high-security locks like Medeco. If a customer would like a security consultation, Marc can do a complete walkthrough of the property. He will look for any security vulnerabilities and point out any substandard hardware (locks, windows, doors, and so on). He will then provide a written summary that will include suggestions as well as hardware recommendations. A standard security consultation is $150, but for the month of September, Marc is offering a special price of $49.99—a $100 savings! And, if you decide to have Marc upgrade your security, the consultation fee will be applied toward your final bill.
Marc can work with you to achieve either contemporary or vintage design while maintaining or enhancing security. At times, locks just need a little attention, rather than replacement. From simple rekeys and dead bolt installations to high-security locks and master key systems, Marc can do it all. In fact, somewhat a jack-of-all-trades, Marc can install the new Nest learning thermostats and security cameras, too.
If you would like to contact Marc for your locksmith needs, you may call him directly at 415/760-LOCK (5625), or call our Repair Referral Service at 415/753- 2653 ext. 3, and we will put you in touch with Marc. We also do referrals via e-mail at

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Collection: Underwear for the Underserved

underwear for underserved

underwear for underservedWe’ve all heard the line from our mothers, “Always wear clean underwear in case you’re in an accident.” And most of us have the luxury of wearing clean underclothes daily. Unfortunately, for thousands of homeless and underserved folks in the Bay Area with no access to laundry facilities, clean underclothes are not a reality.
All Cole Hardware locations will serve as drop-off sites for St. Anthony Foundation’s collection of new underwear during the month of September. For obvious reasons, we can only accept new items in their original, unopened packaging and/or with manufacturer tags. We will be happy to take any new undergarments— including underpants, T-shirts, socks, and bras. Don’t forget children’s sizes, too!
In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, the mission of St. Anthony Foundation is to feed, heal, shelter, clothe, and lift the spirits of those in need and to create a society in which all people flourish. This group is committed to providing the poor with basic needs and services as a gateway to reclaiming their sense of dignity and progressing toward stability. No need for designer duds—plain tighty whities will be gratefully accepted!

Donations accepted at any Cole Hardware location throughout September.

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Mission Street Store Lost to Fire

Mission Street storefront after the fire

It was 1984. I had just opened the second Cole Hardware, our Mission Street store, and I was quickly learning that having two stores was much more complex than having just one. A mentor in the hardware industry had told me then, “Rick, if you can successfully run a second store, you can run 100.” I’ll never forget that. The lessons came daily, and I was truly learning retail all over again. It wasn’t easy, but we made it. The Mission Street store was embraced by the community, and we thrived as we embraced the Mission/Bernal community right back. We loved our new neighborhood just as much as our Haight-Ashbury home.
The most important lesson we learned was how external issues beyond our control could negatively influence our business and even threaten its existence. Our Mission Street store sat beneath four apartments in an old building, squeezed between two other old buildings. Over the years, that translated into floods and water damage from overflowing bathtubs or broken pipes, smoke and water damage from fires from candles or hot grease, and much more. We dealt with each challenge, learning the reality of running a hardware store in a tight, urban environment. Now, 32 years have gone by, and unfortunately, the worst has happened.Mission Street storefront after the fire
The call from Adrianna on June 18: “Dad, the store is on fire. Everybody is out, unharmed, and in the Safeway parking lot. It’s really bad.” I raced to the Mission Street store with my son, David, who sat next to me watching the fire unfold on his phone. We made our way to the parking lot to be with our crew members. We couldn’t get close to the store, but the scene around] us felt surreal. There was a sense of both sadness and support among the crowd as the community watched with us in awe. Soon, the fire investigators sought me out. They took me behind the line to quiz me on what combustibles were in the store.
firefighters spraying water Mission Street fireAnd there I was, standing behind the firefighters who were battling a raging fire and watching smoke spewing from the windows of my second store. It was an emotional moment. Through tears, I saw shelves of merchandise collapsing before my eyes, caught between the flames and the water cannons. Sunshine was streaming through as the second-floor apartments collapsed into the store. Writing this, two weeks later, brings back those same tears. This time, the store was lost.
The loss is devastating, both for our business and for the community. Yet, I am thankful. Unlike many others affected by the fire, our crew members were lucky to be able to go home that evening. They had acted heroically and executed our disaster plan flawlessly. And the very next day, all were warmly embraced by their new teammates in our other stores—everyone is still working.
To our many friends and patrons in the neighborhood: Please come and visit us at our other stores. You will be welcomed with open arms. We fervently hope you will remain a part of our Cole Hardware family, and I thank you for a wonderful 32 years.
We will be back!


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Home Painting by Todd

Todd painting a home

ToddSummer and fall are excellent times in the Bay Area to undertake a home painting project. If your home is in need of a paint job, consider Todd, a proud member of our Repair Referral Service. Todd began painting over 35 years ago while in college at the University of Vermont. After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in geology, he found himself in San Francisco, where he began working with a painting contractor restoring Victorians.
With an ability to finish difficult and daunting projects and a keen eye for detail, Todd earned a painter’s license and founded his own painting company in 1994. Todd’s philosophy for these last 22 years is based on providing a great product for a fair price. He understands the need for the right tools, the right paint, a great crew, and a clean, solid methodology. Todd knows that there is a big difference between “working harder and working smarter.”
Todd painting a home“Creating a great product in an efficient way,” Todd says, “involves building a solid foundation through great communication, thinking ahead, and completing a series of building blocks in a careful, efficient, and thorough manner.” All of Todd’s newly hired employees receive personal training and oversight in order to improve their skills and strengthen their contributions to the team effort. Todd hires and trains people who are able to think ahead, work conscientiously, and double-check their work at each phase, ending with great results.
One of the most common sayings in the painting industry goes: “Prep is everything.” On older homes, this often involves thorough removal of old, peeling paint before anything else happens. Fortunately, Todd is EPA-certified for lead paint removal and has decades of experience in keeping the work environment clean and safe. Once the paint has been removed, it’s time to apply wood hardeners or primers as needed, refasten any loose boards, replace any rotted trim, apply epoxy fillers, caulk, prime again, and then, finally, paint.
Todd works in both the City and the East Bay and can be reached through our Repair Referral Service at or 415/753-2653 ext. 3.

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Meet the Bugs!

Kid holding bug

Kid holding bugKid with giant bugSaturday, August 13
12:00 pm-3:00 pm
Rockridge Store
55 33 College Avenue is committed to inspiring participation and awareness in the preservation of fragile ecosystems by providing opportunities for direct personal action to save the diversity of life on earth.
Since 1988, the organization has focused its efforts on protecting entire ecosystems and natural communities, not just individual species, to ensure a long-term conservation strategy. It raises donations and awareness for these biologically diverse ecosystems through adoption programs, conservation meters, and its popular Insect Discovery Lab by partnering with schools, universities, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, and science centers worldwide to protect wildlife and nature.
You can help, too. Shop at our Rockridge store on Saturday, August 13, between noon and 3:00 pm and use the coupon below. You’ll save 10%, will receive 10% of all purchases made by shoppers using the coupon, and your children (or you!) can meet the bugs from the Insect Discovery Lab that will be making an appearance.
Explore the fantastic lives of beetles, millipedes, tarantulas, walking sticks, whip scorpions, and more with this hands-on event! Introduce your children to the extraordinarily diverse world of insects and other arthropods and learn about their key role in the web of life. Scientific observation, insect identification, and the natural history of bugs’ lives are just some of the areas that will be focused on. Visit to learn more. Please join us for this exciting event!

Meet the Bugs event coupon 10% off

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Hardware Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Cole Hardware

Happy Hour at Cole Hardware
Hardware Happy Hour Coupon - $10 offWednesday, August 24

4:00 pm–8:00 pm
All Cole Hardware Locations

Enjoy our last Happy Hour of the summer with a glass of our Cutting Edge white wine or a wine spritzer made with some of the fruity, sparkling flavors of SodaStream® . Take advantage of our great Happy Hour deal, $10 off a $20 purchase, to stock up on some household essentials, buy a treat for yourself, or get a gift for someone else. We hope to see you!

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