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  • led-bulb What’s New in LED Lighting - They appear to be bulbs, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are actually tiny semiconductors. When power is applied, they are stimulated by the movement of electrons, thus creating photons, or light, that is visible to the human eye. Because LEDs do not use filaments, like incandescent bulbs, they emit much less heat and are more efficient […]


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  • LivingPlug INLET + Faceplate - Eco-Designed Home or Office Charging Station Can you believe it’s been over 100 years since the electrical outlet was invented? San Francisco–based LivingPlug is innovating the way we plug into our outlets by creating an eco-designed charging station that can deliver more plugs and a pop of color to any outlet in your house. The INLET […]
  • sparklemagic Light Up the Night - I have to admit I was skeptical. The folks behind Sparkle Magic called me about carrying their product in our stores. I listened. I looked at the brochure they e-mailed to me, and I said, “No, not interested.” I just didn’t think there would be any demand. Refusing to take no for an answer, they […]
  • IMG-188LV-AU-6XX Good-Bye, Phantom Energy! - Halloween isn’t the only time phantoms are among us—an actual terror may already be in your home or business. These “energy vampires” are all too real and all around, running up your energy bill even when you are not actively using your appliances.Also known as standby power, leaking electricity, or phantom load, vampire power is […]
  • elwire2 EL Wire - Electroluminescent wire, know commonly as EL wire, is a flexible wire that illuminates, making it ideal for costumes, clothing, shoes, art installations, signs, and more. Unlike traditional rope lighting, EL wire produces an unbroken line of light. How cute would your daughter’s dance troupe look up on stage with pink tutus outlined in pink EL […]
  • energyefficienthouse Home Energy Upgrade Class - Thursday, Aug. 20, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Rockridge Store Make it easy to lower your energy bills with smarter products that operate more efficiently. Home Energy Upgrade is a “whole house” approach to energy efficiency. Rather than focusing on individual upgrades, the program addresses your home’s energy needs as a complete system. For example, your air […]
  • SengledLED Rock Out Throughout the House! - While we may not quite be at The Jetsons level of home technology just yet, we can now rock and roll at home courtesy of our light bulbs! Yes—our light bulbs! Dance while doing the dishes! Rock out while you cook or fold laundry! These new energy-saving LED Pulse light bulbs by Sengled are equipped with […]