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Tool Rental


shovel-modified-2We rent tools, rug cleaners, and moving totes!

Do you need to drill holes in order to hang that new planter? Do you want to cut a few pieces of wood to make some shelves? Maybe you need to use a post hole digger to fix your back yard fence or you want to get those carpets cleaned before company comes over this weekend. Or you want to finally fix the drip coming from your showerhead, but you don’t have the wrench that will reach deep into your tiled shower wall.

Projects like these take special and often expensive tools. And let’s face it, even though we love to sell them to you, not everyone can afford them, has the space to store them, or has an interest in developing their own tool collection (that one’s tough for us to understand!).

We came to these realizations years ago, and have been renting the tools that we sell ever since. If you ask (and ask you do), we gladly will get our drill, extension ladder, or 100′ extension cord and rent it to you by the day. In fact, we rent tools, ladders, carpet cleaners, garden shovels, moving totes, and much more!

Our tool rental assortments vary by location.  Just inquire at any Cole Hardware location.