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Cole Hardware Award Winning Windows


Window Display - Cole Hardware Louvres You

Although we offer a unique product mix, knowledgeable hardware expertise and a vast range of services to our shoppers, nothing we do elicits more positive feedback than our fabulous window displays, which rival those of department stores who have large teams of visual merchandisers and big budgets. Our entire visual display department consists of just one crew member: Noelle.

Noelle’s goal is to create window displays made from 99% hardware. Nearly everything in the windows, including backdrop, flooring, trim and display units is from the store. Curtains are made from drop cloths and wall coverings from asphalt paper.

For over a decade, Noelle has brought her city-sense of style to Cole Hardware by way of her award-winning window displays. After stocking shelves for a few years, she finally agreed to work full time as our first Visual Merchandising Manager. A formally-trained engineer and an aspiring guitarist, her eclectic taste merges well with our hardware offerings.

Take notice of our windows the next time you visit one of our stores. Or better yet, sign up for Noelle’s blog featuring beautiful photos of her creative windows. Often before we can even post a photo, the windows appear on websites such as, posted by the admiring public.