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Our Annual Earth Day Inventory

This year marks our 11th anniversary tracking our “quadruple bottom line” at COLE HARDWARE. In addition to having two new stores in San Francisco to serve you for all of your hardware needs, City residents now also have two new convenient locations to take a plethora of recyclable trash to keep it out of landfill! We’veearth also added a mercury thermostat take-back program to our existing recycling programs of batteries, fluorescent tubes and CFLs, paint, propane tanks, and more. (See page 8 for our complete list of recyclable items.) Rick Karp originally partnered with San Francisco’s vibrant Department of the Environment over 20 years ago with a spent battery take-back program, and our recycling program has grown exponentially from that point. Over time, we’ve become somewhat the recycling experts within the community—we get calls almost daily on how to dispose of hundreds of consumer products. We think it’s pretty cool, too, that COLE HARDWARE is viewed as the go-to place for answers.While many companies report on a triple bottom line, we created our own “quadruple bottom line” based on these areas of importance to us:
• Environmental advocacy
• Social advocacy
• Workplace advocacy
• And to operate a profitable business, too!
You’ll find our complete inventory list for these areas on page 4.