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Light bulb technology has certainly evolved over the last few decades from the old standard Edison bulbs. Not only have LED bulbs come down drastically in price, but they’ve become “smarter” in that they are capable of a variety of functions now. Check out the new Intellibulbs in our stores. We think you’ll be impressed with their various problem-solving abilities, not to mention their affordable prices!

Dusk to Dawn™ On at night. Off during the day. ducktodawn
With a built-in light sensor, this bulb automatically turns on at night and off during the day. Perfect for outdoor light fixtures or any location you want a carefree way to keep well-lit at night. Conserve energy and save money with the latest LED technology and only use electricity when needed. (Soft White or Daylight: Skus 3764883, 3764834, $9.99)


Battery Backup™ Reliable, rechargeable emergency lighting.     backup
Install Intellibulb LED Battery Backup bulbs and you are ready for any emergency. When the power goes out, you will have up to 3 hours of reliable emergency battery backup lighting. It’s rechargeable, fits a standard light bulb fixture, and is ready whenever needed. (Sku 3765419, $19.99).


Motion Activated™ Instant light when activated by motion.motion

This bulb turns on automatically when motion is detected from up to 19 feet away. It’s great for outdoor use as a preventative measure against trespassers orindoor as a hands-free solution to light up a space as you walk by. (Sku 3764826, $11.99)


Switch to Dim™ Dim with a standard switch.   dim
No dimmers witch? N o problem. Choose from three levels of adjustable dimmer lighting, 100%, 50%, or 10%, with a standard light switch to provide the perfect light for any room at any time. Select the best energy-saving LED lighting for reading, watching t elev ision, or spending time with the family. (A19: Sku 376 4842, $9.99; BR30: Sku 3764859, $11.99)