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Our Community Partners Assistance Program Celebrates 23 Years!


Schools and nonprofit groups contribute tremendously to the well-being of our communities, but in order to exist in many cases, and certainly to improve the quality of what they offer, money is sorely needed by these organizations. Each month, we receive hundreds of requests from schools and nonprofit groups for cash donations or donations of merchandise. The calls come from large organizations, tiny dance troupes, and everything in between. While the volume makes it impossible to respond to every request, we still want to help.

Thus, our Community Partners Assistance Program was created! Every group that joins our free program receives a Cole Hardware  gift card for 10% of all purchases made each year by members of their group/ community. Those groups that actively publicize their partnership with us get hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars in gift cards!

We have hundreds of schools and community groups partnering with us—over 800, in fact! Along with the annual 10% rebates, we also donate gift cards for fund-raisers and give discounts for special projects. We now also give away cases of our own Cutting Edge wines and Clearly Cole Hardware bottled water to sell or serve at fund-raising events. We are happy to spotlight your groups’ events in the Hardware Hotline, and our Coins for the Community collections each month have raised a total of nearly $80,000 in much-needed funds for our partner nonprofits.

Our Community Partners program is core to our culture. It fills us with pride, and it makes giving as rewarding for us as receiving is for our recipients! If your school, church, or favorite nonprofit group is not yet partnering with us, please go to and join now.