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Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

august-logoWhat can our smartphones not do these days! Our stores now feature two cool new products that will make your life easier and make your home smarter. The August Smart Lock allows for keyless home entry with your smartphone. Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and know who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone. The August Smart Lock easily installs on the inside of your door using only a screwdriver. Choose to grant access for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes, or even specific dates and times; you’re in control. Never make duplicate keys again! Send a virtual key from anywhere instantly—all from the August app. Available in silver and dark gray. (Skus 503021–2, $199.99)august-smart-lock

No more fumbling for keys, as the August Smart Lock auto-locks behind you for peace of mind and unlocks as you approach for a hands-free entry. Know who comes and goes with the 24/7 activity log. The August app tracks who enters and exits your home and when. Keep your existing door hardware. Your door’s exterior hardware stays the same; the August Smart Lock only replaces the interior portion of your deadbolt. Use your traditional key any time. The lock works with most standard deadbolts and installs in about 15 minutes with just a screwdriver and nothing to wire.
Sold separately, the August Connect module allows you to remotely access your lock. (Sku 503018, $79.99)
smartlock-camsmartlock-phoneThe August Doorbell Cam lets you see and speak with visitors at your door, from anywhere. Always know who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home. This doorbell cam alerts you when the bell is rung. A one-way highdefinition camera lets you view visitors from your smartphone while still ensuring your privacy. Whether you missed a visitor or want to replay a conversation, the August Doorbell Cam records each interaction at your door. Replay audio and video through the August app. The doorbell cam replaces your doorbell and works with existing wiring. Available in dark gray or silver. (Sku 503014, 503017, $199.99)