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Finex Cast-Iron Cookware Comes to Cole Hardware!

Finex logoHave you heard of Finex cast iron yet? Finex is a relatively new name in the gourmet cookware market, so there’s a good chance you haven’t. Luckily, Finex pans have just hit the shelves at all Cole Hardware locations, so you have the opportunity to be a trendsetter by getting this fantastic product into your kitchen before it becomes widely known as the standard-setting brand in cast-iron cookware. If this is your first introduction to the line, your reaction as you read on may be a bit of sticker shock: why should I pay so much for a pan? So, as an owner of a Finex pan, let me tell you why!

Finex Cast Iron PanFinex cooks like an absolute dream—it is truly a cooking experience like no other. The pan sears beautifully, cooks food incredibly evenly, and food slides right out of the pan when done—no sticking. All with zero effort.

Finex pans are also visually stunning—right away, you’ll notice the ergonomic spring handle, which is beautiful and, more important, keeps cool and allows you to more easily grip the handle while cooking at blazing-hot temperatures. The unique octagonal shape makes for easy pouring from any of the corners.

Finex pans are made by a small team of cast-iron specialists in Portland, Oregon, and intended to be “heirloom” pieces. They can be lovingly handed down in your family for generations to come—they only get better with age. As Finex puts it: “Good Forever.” Finex will replace any of its products that ever fail under normal use.

Despite their beauty, these pans are rugged! My friends who live in Finex’s backyard in Portland take their Finex pans with them on car-camping trips, so they can enjoy meals perfectly cooked over a fire in the open air. Pick one up in time for summer camping trips or just to have for everyday admiration and use at home. I promise you won’t regret it! (Skus 602051–6, $114.99–$239.99)