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Coins for the Community: Over $50,000 and Counting!

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What an impressive amount: $52,133.84! In less than five years, that is how much our spare change jars and other fund-raisers have brought in for neighborhood nonprofit members of our Community Partners program. Thanks to our May collection of $1,224.83 for Hamilton Family Center, a group dedicated to ending family homelessness in the Bay Area, and our June 4 Bucket Sale intake of $2,272.11 towardUCSF Benioff Children's Hospitals logo UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals in San Francisco and Oakland, we were able to easily top the $50,000 milestone. Proceeds from our June spare change collections are also earmarked to benefit the local Children’s Hospitals—we’ll report the final figures for our combined June efforts next month.Coins for the Community Jar

What started as spare change jars at our registers has, thanks to the generosity of our shoppers, become a boon to our local nonprofits. While national nonprofits with large budgets are surely grateful for every dollar they receive, the impact that one of our monthly collections has on a small local organization can be dramatic, allowing them to greatly increase the effect of their good work in our communities. And now with our credit/ debit card donation option at checkout, our fund-raising has grown exponentially.

ArtSeed logoFor July, our spare change collection will benefit ArtSeed, whose goal is to bring a lifelong love for creativity, knowledge, and generosity into the lives of young people. ArtSeed connects diverse communities and cultures through professional artists who interact with students in fine arts studio projects and long-term apprenticeships. ArtSeed works with the notion that youngsters are vastly capable beyond what their early years might suggest. Treated with dignity and respect, they are offered ideas and materials that challenge them to understand and embrace the many rich possibilities that lie ahead of them. Experimental and traditional visual arts practices form the basis of ArtSeed’s activities. For more information, visit them at

It’s easy to donate to Coins for the Community! Simply drop your spare change in any of our collection jars or choose the “donate” option when you’re checking out at any of our registers. Or bring in that old jar of pennies that’s collecting dust on your dresser.