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Big Green Egg EGGcessories

In addition to Big Green Eggs, our stores stock a variety of EGGcessories. These various specialty cookware tools will help you get the most versatility out of your EGG, allowing you to cook an entire meal without dirtying one skillet!

Big Green Egg - ConvEGGtorConvEGGtor®

The Big Green Egg is designed to work as a complete outdoor cooking system, producing unrivaled results whether grilling, roasting, smoking, or baking. Nothing contributes more to the versatility of your EGG than adding a convEGGtor, designed to facilitate indirect cooking by providing a heat-directing barrier between the food and charcoal, transforming your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. In conjunction with the thermal properties of the EGG, the convEGGtor efficiently radiates heat within the dome and prevents direct flames and heat from overcooking food. Available in all EGG sizes small to XL. (Skus 869011, 12, 69, 68, $64.99–$139.99)

Vertical Ceramic Poultry RoastersBig Green Egg - Vertical Ceramic Roaster

Using a vertical roaster on the EGG will produce the juiciest, most flavorful poultry you’ve ever tasted. Vertical roasters hold a chicken or turkey upright during cooking for even browning and easier carving when done. Ceramic roasters hold liquid such as fruit juice or beer to add even more flavor. (Sittin’ Chicken Roaster: Sku 869018, $18.99; Sittin’ Turkey Roaster: Sku 869019, $21.99)

Big Green Egg - Grill WokGrill Wok

Grill woks make it easy to cook vegetables, meat, seafood, or any other smaller pieces of food that might slip through a standard cooking grid. Heat and smoke circulate around the foods for even cooking and flavor absorption. Nonstick finish. (Sku 869042, $27.99)