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Our 10th Annual Earth Day Inventory

This year marks our 10th anniversary tracking our “quadruple bottom line” and my 10th anniversary at COLE HARDWARE (celebrated March 1). I knew it was going to be a special place to work when I went to a mixer in my first month working here. Multiple people responded, “I love COLE HARDWARE!” when I told them where I worked. And I have not been disappointed.
One of the first projects tasked to me was getting our stores certified as Green Businesses with the San Francisco Department of the Environment. This has been one of my proudest professional accomplishments. Changing our light fixtures to more energy efficient models was a lot easier than changing our behavior when it came to composting and realizing we could eliminate some of our landfill trash dumpsters in exchange for larger recycling bins. All along the way, thearthdaye folks at the Department of the Environment were there to guide us, and we’ve made some great friends over the years.
Last year we were awarded the California Product Stewardship Council’s Infinity Arrow Award for our recycling efforts. (Another career highlight for me!) David Karp and I were humbled and honored to fly to Los Angeles to receive this statewide award on behalf of our warehouse crew members, who deal with the thousands of pounds of recyclables we collect on a daily basis.
Of course, none of this would be possible if Rick Karp didn’t have the vision and foresight to partner with the vibrant Department of the Environment 20 years ago with a spent battery take-back program. This was well before Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon and “earth friendly” became trendy. Over time, we’ve become somewhat recycling experts within the community—we get calls almost daily on how to dispose of hundreds of consumer products. We think it’s pretty cool, too, that COLE HARDWARE is viewed as the go-to place for answers. While many companies report on a triple bottom line, we created our own “quadruple bottom line” based on these areas of importance to us:
• Environmental advocacy
• Social advocacy
• Workplace advocacy
• And to operate a profitable business, too COLE HARDWARE continues to be the best family-run business to work for, and I am happy to continue to spearhead our environmental and community outreach efforts for the next decade.

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