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LivingPlug INLET + Faceplate

Eco-Designed Home or Office Charging Station

Can you believe it’s been over 100 years since the electrical outlet was invented? San Francisco–based LivingPlug is innovating the way we plug into our outlets by creating an eco-designed charging station that can deliver more plugs and a pop of color to any outlet in your house. The INLET has a high-capacity USB charger, three child-safe outlets, and a master kill switch. The interchangeable faceplate system will conceal an outlet, highlight a room’s décor, or make a statement. LivingPlug offers a wide selection of licensed images, the ability to upload a personalized photo, a solid walnut, and a blank faceplate that can be painted or wrapped with wallpaper. For the first time in history, you can put art on an outlet—or a picture of baby’s first smile. (Blank: Sku 324023, $29.99; Walnut: Sku 324024, $39.99)