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Meet Bill, Our HVAC Expert

meetbillHVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Cole Hardware is pleased to have Bill, the second-generation owner of his family business, on our team. When asked why a customer should call him for a repair or new furnace installation, Bill said, “I have been in the business since the ’60s, working with my father. I know the business, and I seek customer satis faction on all the work that I do. When I install a new furnace, I give the customer a courtesy call the next day or a few days later to make sure the customer is completely satisfied!” Bill gave us a few suggestions on what you can do at home to keep your heating system functioning. Most customers do not act until their heating systems stop working. The number one thing to do is to replace your furnace’s filter on a regular basis—about every three months. What if the furnace stops working? It might be just a bad valve, which can cost around $500 to replace. But it is time to consider replacing the furnace if the furnace is old (20+ years) and not operating efficiently. Larger homes with greater square footage will require a very efficient heating system to adequately heat the home, known as a two-stage furnace. A smaller home will need just a single-stage furnace, with the cost of labor being about the same to install either size of furnace.Bill is an expert in gas furnaces, and he is able to install and repair gravity furnaces. Gravity furnaces are usually located in the basement or garage of a home, with octopus ductwork that leads to heat registers throughout the home. These furnaces have very few moving parts and are therefore less likely to break down. Most homes in San Francisco have gravity furnaces. Bill repairs and installs many gas wall furnaces, as well. He does not work on electric heaters, radiant heaters, or boilers, as he prefers to be an expert on the heating systems that he knows best!If you would like to reach Bill to solve your heating issues this winter, you can contact our Repair Referral Service at 415/200-3430 or