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Riedel Wine Glasses

The Wine Glass Company

Producers of fine Austrian crystal in the heart of Europe for over 250 years and through 11 generations, Riedel has perfected the design of crystal glassware to enhance the aroma and flavor of wine. Like COLE HARDWARE, Riedel is still family owned and operated, too. This varietal-specific crystal Winefeatures finely tuned glass bowls consisting of three variables (shape, size, and rim diameter) that affect the flavor and taste of wine on your palate. Wine-friendly stemware translates the bouquet, taste, balance, and finish of a wine to your senses. Recognized worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for wine and spirit enjoyment, Riedel has become the wine glass of choice for wine connoisseurs, hospitality professionals, and those who just appreciate a fine wine. Riedel is also the inventor of the popular stemless wine tumbler, and all of its glasses are dishwasher safe. At COLE HARDWARE, you will find the “O” and Ouverture collections of stemware and decanters. ($14.99–$59.99)


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