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vogmaskCheck out these beautiful masks for reducing exposure to airborne particles! Vogmasks are the most comfortable and protected way to cycle to work, camp in the desert, ride Muni, clean a dusty attic, and more. Available in either a high-fltering microfber material or a 100% organic cotton style,Vogmasks have an ergonomic design that makes them extremely comfortable to wear, with spandex ear loops that provide a good ft and an aluminum noseband that allows for an effective seal. Assorted styles. (Skus 235028–33, $19.99) Our stores also now stock new Vogmasks that feature an advanced N99 flter. The respirator masks flter high particulate matter (PM 2.5), germs, and pollen. With excellent fit, comfort, and design, Vogmask N99 meets NIOSH filter efficiency N99 standards, inhalation/exhalation resistance, and bacterial filtering efficiency in tests by Nelson Labs. (Skus 235042–7, $29.99)