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Eco-Friendly Lunchware by ECOlunchbox!

What’s for lunch? You hope it’eco-lunchs not plastic, lead, vinyl fumes, or anything else that’s leaching toxins to people and our planet. As for the delicious, nutritious lunches you pack, they should fill up your tummy—not the garbage can.Yet so often these days, we can’t be sure our lunch boxes are nontoxic and waste-free. ECOlunchbox products were designed by Sandra Ann Harris—an eco-mom who wanted to help people reduce their dependence on plastics by providing healthy, natural lunch ware alternatives for families. Sandra also happens to be a neighbor of our new Rockridge store! When we met her, heard her story, and saw her quality line, we knew we had to bring it into the stores for our customers. The selection of bentos, lunch boxes, snack tins, and artisan lunch bags are for anyone who eats lunch—all ages.

Check out the ECOlunchbox Three-in-One, a three-piece set. (Sku 637280, $24.99) Or take a nibble of this eco-friendly line with two snack containers: the round ECOdipper (Sku 637284, $8.99) and the ECOlunchpod (Sku 637283, $9.99), a rectangular tin great for carrot sticks and other long items.

Also available are the three-tier Tri Bento (Sku 637281, $24.99) and the larger rectangular food container called the Solo Rectangle (Sku 637282, $19.99).