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Composting Bags

Composting is the decomposition of food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper products into a rich earthen material excellent for enriching garden soil or adding to houseplants. It is also a crucial way to reduce the volume of trash that we send to our landfills unnecessarily for disposal. To make composting as easy as possible, all Cole Hardware locations stock a full assortment of BioBag products.The BioBag is made of Mater-Bi, the main component of which is cornstarch. It biodegrades after 10 to 45 days and is 100% compostable. BioBags have been fully certified by the international Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and are approved by the San Francisco Department of the Environment for food waste collection for composting. The mechanical strength of BioBags is equivalent to standard plastic.And maybe the best feature of BioBags is that they are manufactured locally in the East Bay. Reduce pests, mold and mildew, and odors in the kitchen by using BioBags in your compost bins.

All of our stores stock these BioBags:

Food Scrap Bags: 3-gallon (25-pack: Sku 658124, $5.99; 48-pack: Sku 658658, $9.99)

Tall Kitchen Bags: 13-gallon, 12-pack (Sku 658125, $6.49)

Lawn & Leaf Bags: Strong, liftable lawn and leaf bags that will keep integrity for at least two weeks when filled with waste, even wet grass. (33-gallon, 10-pack: Sku 658126, $5.99; 60-gallon, 10-pack: Sku 658128, $25.99)

Pet Waste Bags: A 100% biodegradable “plastic” pooper bag that is made to decompose in 40 days when placed in a regulated composting environment. (Roll, 45-pack: Sku 658121, $5.99; Standard, 50-pack: Sku 658123, $5.99; Large, 35-pack: Sku 658122, $5.99)