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Dave’s 99th Birthday Bucket Sale!

Ninety-Nine and Feelin’ Fine!Dave

As each June approaches, you’ll find everyone at Cole Hardware busy getting ready for one of our most festive events of the year. Fittingly falling in the same month as Father’s Day, we celebrate the birthday of our own founding father, Dave Karp. This year, we will really be pulling out all the stops, as Dave rings in his big 9-9! As Dave’s granddaughter, I am lucky to have him as the patriarch of my Cole Hardware family and my immediate family as well, so this will be a very celebratory month! (My brother David’s birthday also falls in June!) This is an amazing milestone in the life of an incredible man.Dave first opened his doors for business as Cole Hardware in 1961 when he purchased Cole Street Hardware, which had been at its original location since 1920. Previous to that, Dave worked for years at his father-in-law’s store: Gilbert Electric and Radio in downtown San Francisco. He learned a lot working for my great-grandfather, but there was one thing about the way he ran his business that my papa could not abide: he didn’t feel customers were consistently treated to the friendliest service possible. With help from two of my great uncles, he was able to pull together the funds to open his own store. Over the door, he hung a sign with the message that remains a motto in our business today: “There are no strangers here, just friends we haven’t met.” Even now, this friendly attitude is at the root of my papa’s interactions with everyone he meets. At 99 years old, he has recently moved out of his longtime home and into a new home with 24-hour assisted care. Many people expect to meet resistance from senior family members when the topic of Ninety-Nine and Feelin’ Fine!…continued from page  1moving into such a facility is broached. In contrast, Dave has embraced the change with impressive flexibility and cheer and will often bring back treats or flowers for the nurses after he goes out. It is a rare thing to have such a naturally pleasant disposition, but at Cole Hardware, we strive to keep our dedication to complete customer satisfaction as genuine and heartfelt as it was back when the store was a one-man operation run by Dave. Right up there with befriending folks from all walks of life, basking in the sunshine, bacon with extra salt, and onions eaten whole like apples, something else that has always been near and dear to Dave’s heart is scoring a great deal! The birthday celebrations on Saturday, June 6, at each Cole Hardware location will be passing on the opportunity to our customers to do just that. Come enjoy a slice of birthday cake and, if your timing is right, exchange a joke or a card trick with the birthday boy himself!