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Check Out the Weber® Grills in Living Color

miniweberThis month, as we celebrate a rainbow of lifestyles, we thought it would be fun to highlight the Weber Q1200™ gas grills in an array of festive colors. Since 1952, Weber has been a staple in backyards. Solid, sturdy, and carefully engineered, purchasing a Weber barbecue is an investment that will pay off with years of mouthwatering classics for family milestones: graduations, Father’s Days, Fourths of July, and more! Perfect for a backyard or patio, the Q1200 gas grill is excellent for the griller on the go, too. The small, portable design makes it easy to cook a delicious meal while camping in the Cascades, barbecuing on the beach, or partying at the park. With a generous 189 square inches of cooking space (larger than some San Francisco studio apartments), you’ll be able to cook up a feast for everyone!The new colors assure that you will find something to ft your personality, too! We have them in red, blue, green, fuchsia, purple, and orange. Also available in black or taupe if you are looking for a more classic, subtle shade. (Skus 8379422, 8394777, 8432585, 8432494, 8432569, 8432536, 8432577, 8432627, $199.99)