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compokeepercompokeeper-imageHopefully, most Hardware Hotline readers whose home has either a curbside compost program or a bit of garden space are taking advantage of the opportunity to compost. Composting lessens our collective environmental footprint by taking green waste that would otherwise end up causing pollution in landflls and channeling it directly into a more valuable material. However, sometimes the realities of keeping a compost receptacle in the home kitchen are less than desirable. As the food waste breaks down, it can cause odors and attract fruit fies—not very pleasant additions to the room where we spend our time cooking and eating! The CompoKeeper is a new product that we are loving at Cole Hardware, as it has solved many frequent complaints we hear about the unpleasant sides of composting kitchen scraps. What sets the CompoKeeper apart from traditional compost receptacles we’ve tried? • Two foot pedals make for a hands-free, cleaner composting experience.• Its patented bag-sealing technology lock smells in and keep bugs away.• A generous 6-gallon capacity allows for more storage room and fewer trips outside.• A sleek design makes it an attractive addition to the kitchen.• It can easily be set up for under-the-counter or free-standing use in the kitchen. The CompoKeeper is available at Cole Hardware in green or black. Pick one up today and revolutionize your home composting experience! (Sku 740000–1, $69.99)