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Chukar Cherries

chukar-cherriesChukar Cherries come to us from a family company located in Washington’s Yakima Valley. Made in the heart of cherry country, this line of dried cherry and nut snack mixes and chocolate-covered treats celebrates the delicious flavors of the Pacific Northwest. They’re made in small production batches, so when Chukar Cherries arrive on our shelves, the treats are guaranteed to have been produced in the few weeks beforehand. You can taste that difference in freshness and quality after just one bite. An assortment of delicious, no-sugar-added Chukar Cherries snack mixes are available at COLE HARDWARE, containing various combinations of dried bing and Rainier cherries, dried cranberries, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and for those with a sweet tooth, chocolate, of course! We have them in small grab-and-go single-size portions (Skus 972073, 9: $2.99) and larger 6-ounce bags to stash in your glove box or purse (Skus 927019, 65, 72: $9.99). For when you are craving something sweet but wholesome—these snacks have no preservatives or additives—you simply must try the cabernet chocolate-covered cherries (the Yakima Valley is not only cherry country, but wine country, too!) and chocolate-covered honey pecans as well. (Skus 927091, 097: $4.99)