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Miele Vacuums

Vacuum cleaners can contribute to indoor air pollution if they don’t retain the dust, dirt, and allergens they collect. The Sealed System TM of Miele vacuum cleaners, however, has superior retention. Long known in Europe for sleek design and superior engineering, Miele vacuums not only clean homes but the air as well. Miele canister vacuums have been awarded top rating certification by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute for “excellent air quality” for their combination of the Sealed System and IntensiveClean TM dust/filter bags.

Miele canister vacuums feature the Super Air Clean filter made of electrostatically charged material that retains 94% of particles. They feature quiet operation and excellent maneuverability. All Miele canister vacuums have a powerful 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System, a 291⁄2-foot overall cleaning radius, automatic cord rewind, and six-stage suction-control rotary dial. All of these canister models can be used for medium- to high-pile carpeting, area rugs, and all smooth flooring.

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