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CoverGrip™ Safety Drop Cloths

These drop cloths are made with heavy-duty canvas that is backed by a patented covering of rubberized PVC dots. These dots create a strong grip between the cloth and the floor, so the cloth doesn’t budge an inch, even when ladders or tools are being moved around on top of it. They also create a cushion to help protect surfaces from any damage that might occur if tools are accidentally dropped. The rows of dots also create a guide for folding drop cloths into perfectly straight lines, so bunching and uneven coverage are not a concern when working on stairs or in other tight spaces. Professional painters, plumbers, and tradespeople in many other areas of expertise demand Cover Grip cloths, but they are also great to have on hand for your own projects around the house. The best news is that these drop cloths can be safely machine washed and dried! We carry CoverGrip drop cloths in four sizes to fit any of your needs, ranging from 3.5′ x 4′ to 8′ x 10′. (Skus 139101–102, 1538933, 1538958 $14.99–$49.99)