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Community Partners: Claim Your Dividends Today!


This year marks the 21st anniversary of our Community Partners Assistance Program, estab­lished to aid the fund-raising efforts of local schools and community-based nonprofit organizations that work hard to make the Bay Area the unique place that it is. We’re thrilled that we now have more than 600 organizations and schools participating in our program. Cole Hardware is sympathetic to the inadequacy of government funding available to schools and worthwhile social causes, and at the same time, we realize the importance of social responsibility of businesses of all sizes.

Each year we give away thousands of dollars in gift cards and Cutting Edge wine for fund-raising events. The more participants, the merrier! To see if your group or school is a member and to see all of the benefits available to members, visit or e-mail We’re happy to make a presentation at PTA or nonprofit meetings to share the program with your members, and we’re happy to work with you to make the program as beneficial to your group as possible.

One of the biggest benefits from our program is our 10% dividend. When your community members shop at our stores, we earmark 10% of each transaction for your school or group. Shoppers just need to mention at checkout that they would like their purchase to go toward your group. At the end of the year, we give that dividend to you in the form of a Cole Hardware gift card. To see if your group has earned a dividend from 2014, e-mail