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hydra-barrierThe Eco-Friendly Sandbag Alternative

With winter rain comes the possibility of flooding. If you have the unfortunate experience of water flooding under doors or into basements this winter, keep the unique HydraBarrier in mind. HydraBarrier water tubes are an eco-friendly, reusable sandbag alternative that diverts and contains water to prevent damage in your home. They are very durable, made of industrial-strength 22-mil vinyl. When needed, the HydraBarrier is easily filled with water to create a barrier that will divert up to 4 inches of water, providing protection equal to four sandbags! Each HydraBarrier tube is 6-feet long and can be molded to fit around corners or in doorways. Perhaps the most appealing features of the HydraBarrier are its ability to be folded flat for storage and its low cost compared to sandbags.

(Sku 5466321, $16.99)

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