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Espro® Presses

espro-pressEspro presses are like no other French press we have seen. The extreme attention to detail, quality, and features are superior to any other French press choices out there. What makes Espro different? It all boils down to two simple yet gamechanging features: its double-filtration system and its vacuum-sealed vessel.

Filtration System

French press coffee is popular because it is a simple and easy method of making coffee that perfectly extracts the full flavor and aromatic oils from freshly ground coffee beans. However, it is common to have a bit of sludge or grit from coffee grounds make its way into your cup. This is because the filter in most models performs its basic function but does not perfectly filter to completely separate all of the coffee grounds from the hot water during brewing and plunging. Not only is the filter used in Espro presses 9 to 12 times finer than any other French press filter currently on the market, but the medium and large size presses feature two of these extra-fine filters. After your hot water passes through these filters, there is no way for any remnants of the beans to sneak through the filter into your freshly brewed coffee. And once you have pressed down to plunge the coffee beans toward the bottom, the filters keep the coffee grounds completely separated from the brewed coffee, so that the flavor profile remains totally pure and constant no matter how long you let the coffee sit. That would be great, you say, but who wants to drink coffee that has been sitting around, and therefore cooling down, for hours? Well, keep reading.

Vacuum-Sealed Vessel
The mirrorlike stainless steel vessel is not only gorgeous on the eyes, it is painstakingly vacuum sealed with special technology to remove any air between the inner chamber and outside wall. The coffee inside the press stays hot for hours, maintaining a consistent temperature as well as flavor due to the workhorse filter inside! However, the outside wall stays cool to the touch.

This means that if you wanted to, you could truly boil your water and brew your coffee as guests arrive for a dinner party, then serve it straight from the Espro press hours later at dessert time. Or simply leisurely sip your way through a pot over the course of a lazy Sunday, with the last cup being just as enjoyable as the first. The design of the press is fit for the finest tabletop, making this a great piece to leave out to admire even when not in use. However, with its durable yet lightweight stainless steel construction, the Espro press is just as comfortable tossed in your backpack for a camping adventure as it is gleaming in candlelight on your dining room table. No more broken carafes— the Espro will be the last French press you buy!

The Perfect Gift for the Coffee Lover

When we first experienced the Espro press, we were blown away and knew that we had to get it in for our customers to experience as well. The best part about our timing in getting Espro onto the shelves at Cole Hardware is that it is here just in time for the holidays.

Do you have coffee enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list? An Espro press is sure to be their favorite gift this holiday season. If they’ve heard the buzz on Espro, they are no doubt already intrigued and coveting one of their own. Even better if they haven’t—we’ve done the research for you to play the part of in-the-know coffee geek. We have the Espro press in three sizes. The 8-ounce press (Sku 633500, $79.99) is perfect for a person living alone or perhaps to keep at the office to turn the afternoon refueling session into a comforting ritual. An 18-ounce press (Sku 633501, $99.99) is great for a couple or a coffee lover who needs multiple cups to get going in the morning! The largest 32-ounce size (633502, $119.99) is your best bet for a household with multiple coffee drinkers or those fully fledged caffeine addicts among us!

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