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Featured Home Repair Referral Service

Meet Ricardo, Professional Painter

ricardoHow did the Cole Hardware get so lucky to Ricardo, one of the top-notch painters in our Referral Service? Ricardo  was introduced to us another of our tradespeople, and quickly become of the family. A member of our Repair Referral Service for about six months now, Ricardo has been generating nothing but compliments on his professionalism, fine work, and fair pricing.

Ricardo has a unique background, coming to the United States from El Salvador. He has a long resume that precedes his paint contracting business,having been an airplane mechanic and earning his EMT certification. A member of two local unions, Ricardo has worked in some of the City’s residential skyscrapers.

When considering all that’s needed to repair and maintain a home, a new paint job is often the first “go to” project that is highly cost effective. Ricardo says, “When clients make a decision to paint the exterior orinterior of their home, they should always choose a top quality paint like Benjamin Moore,” which is, of course, sold at all four of our Cole Hardware stores. According to Ricardo, a paint job will hold up longer with a top-grade paint, thus adding to both the value and enjoyment of your home.