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Odor Control

Big DNothing sours a first impression quite like walking into a room and being hit with an unpleasant odor. Whether you are hosting a meeting for clients at your office, or freshening up a hotel or living space – it makes good business sense to create an environment that feels (and smells) hospitable and welcoming. Smells from mildew, pets, cigarette smoke, cooking, or air particulates are working against you if you want folks to kick up their feet and stay a while. Here are a few tips from Cole Hardware Supplies on reducing odors:

  • Basements: Basements tend to be cool, damp, and humid. Not only does this environment lead to a musty smell, but the humidity increases risk of damage to anything being stored there such as tools or metal appliances that could rust. Basement dehumidifiers are a best bet to eradicate odor and protect equipment.
  • Washing machines: After prolonged or heavy use, washing machines can harbor unpleasant odors. A quick and affordable solution is to place a cup of either bleach or vinegar in the machine and run it for one full cycle.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are another area where moisture and dampness linger, leading to smelly and dangerous mold and mildew. Ventilation is key- if there are no windows, installing fans will go a long way towards keeping bathrooms mold and mildew free.
  • Kitchens: Cooking creates a film of light grease in the air that can cling to walls, countertops, cabinets, and light fixtures. Resulting smells can be surprisingly pesky to eliminate. Install exhaust fans to keep this film moving out instead of settling in around the kitchen. Do a periodical deep clean when possible.
  • Lobbies or common sitting areas: Although cigarette smoking is banned in buildings in California, heavy use of these common areas can make it harder to keep these areas smelling fresh and pleasant. Allow for ventilation and consider placing a mildly fragranced, earth friendly air freshener in an inconspicuous spot for good measure.
  • Odor foggers: Odor foggers are a great resource to have on hand for controlling odor, as they go beyond masking smells to eliminate odors at the source. In some cases these products even successfully combat deeply permeated odors such as cigarette smoke. Before throwing in the towel in the fight against tough odors and resorting to replacing carpets and furnishings, give this a try.

Big D Odor Control Fogger: This fine fog penetrates even the tightest of spaces, such as cracks and crevices to destroy odors. It works equally well on hard surfaces, as it does on carpeting, upholstery fabrics, and walls. Use Bid D Odor Control Fogger with confidence in restrooms, schools, food service, managed properties, laundry facilities, and transportation vehicles such as cars or buses – any environment with small spaces and big odor problems!