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BioLighter: Eco-friendly Charcoal Lighter

Biolighter imageBioLighter is an eco-friendly, odor-free method for igniting charcoal for grilling. Renewable, sustainable, and petroleum free, BioLighter works 300% faster than traditional charcoal lighter fluids, which are toxic, smelly, and a health hazard to the environment. A food based, non-carcinogenic oil that imparts no petroleum tastes onto food, as do the more toxic alternatives on the market, BioLighter is also locally produced by an environmentally-conscious company.

Entrepreneurs Brian Deninger and Jolie Ginsburg acquired the San Francisco-based tour bus company Incredible Adventures in 1999. All of the buses the company operates run on biofuels and have offset 65,000 barrels of oil since their conversion from traditional fuel. In 2010 Dogpatch Biofuels, a provider of biodiesel, was acquired. Biodiesel is a fuel alternative produced from recycled waste vegetable oil, canola, soybean oil, algae, and animal fat. BioLighter is the company’s latest venture.

For a tastier, healthier meal cooked on the barbecue, give BioLighter a try. (Sku 870000, $4.99)

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