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Don’t Slip in the Bath with Solid Step Cote

Solid Step Cote represents the most advanced technology available on the market today in non-slip floor coatings. A water-based solution that dries crystal clear and creates an invisible anti-skid finish, it creates a lasting bond that does not require maintenance and does not attract dirt. Solid Step Cote creates a protective barrier against stains and spills and prevents grout from soiling and discoloration.

Cole Hardware offers a tub and shower kit for use on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile, slate, concrete, and metal. This non-slip solution features incredibly low VOCs and no fumes or odors. Application takes a matter of minutes and the tub or shower is ready for use within four to six hours. Cleaning simply requires a mild detergent or soap and water.

Consider Solid Step Cote for baths and showers used by children or seniors especially. The 4-ounce kit will treat one standard tub or shower with two coats. With proper care, a treated tub should last between three to five years before requiring reapplication. (Sku 131131, $19.99)

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