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January Garden Tasks

January is a good time to plan what you will grow in the upcoming months. Browse through seed catalogs and magazines, read books, take notes, and make drawings. Be adventurous this year and try planting something new.

Live Christmas trees should be outside now. Keep them in their pots or plant them in the ground, but remember, they get big! Water well.

Deciduous fruit trees and roses should be pruned before the end of January. Dennis’s tradition to prune his roses on January 1 started with his father and he carries it on today. Rejuvenating your roses is a nice task to ring in the new year.

* Semi-dwarf citrus trees, including Meyer lemons, Bearss limes, and kumquats, are available at our garden centers this month. Plant them in a welldrained spot in your garden—an area that doesn’t have standing water after rain or irrigation. Give them as much sun as available; planting by a warm wall is also beneficial. As an alternative to planting in the ground, consider planting in a half wine barrel, and you will enjoy the citrus for many years. You can then also move the plant more easily.

Repot your indoor plants. We have a selection of beautiful pots at our nurseries. Just ask us if you need advice on selecting a pot, soil recommendations, or repotting help. NASA studies have shown that houseplants can reduce certain types of interior air pollution. Just 15 houseplants can provide better air quality in an 1,800-square-foot home.

 * Keep your bird feeders stocked with seed or suet depending on the type of birds inhabiting your environs. Some birds may have come to rely on your generosity during the winter months. Remember to discard stale or moldy seed from your feeders or storage. Seed can be kept in airtight bags to maintain freshness.

Spray your deciduous fruit trees and roses before they leaf out. Use a dormant oil spray to kill overwintering insect eggs, mites, soft-bodied insects, and some scales.

Plant onion and garlic sets along with bare-root asparagus, rhubarb, and artichokes.

Stop by our Cole Street garden center for all your gardening needs. The advice is free from the Garden Guys, Dennis and Bill. E-mail them with any questions: or




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