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May Garden Tasks

Greetings gardeners! The month of May is believed to have been named for the Greek goddess of spring and growth, Maia, who was the mother of Hermes, the god’s winged messenger. How appropriate, as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, and May is an ideal spring month to get out in the yard or garden to be able to enjoy all summer long. It’s never too late to find your green thumb.

Stevia has become popular as a sugar substitute

  • Plant: If you have not yet put in your vegetable garden, do so now. Many vegetables can be grown in containers and most herbs happily thrive in them. Just buy some organic potting soil and delve in. Gardening is an experiment, an adventure, and with herbs and veggies, it’s especially fun and rewarding.
  • Weed: Weeds steal both water and nutrients from the plants that you are growing. Be sure to give plants a fighting chance by clearing away any weeks—easiest after a light rain.
  • Mulch: Now is a good time to mulch your garden in preparation for the (hopefully) warm and dry months ahead. Mulch conserves water, keeps soil temperatures even, an prevents weeds from germinating. It also improves the organic content and texture of soil.
  • Abate mosquitoes: Make sure that there is no standing water lurking around your garden or yard. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Stevia Sweet Herb: This herb has become popular in recent years as a sugar substitute, marketed as Truvia. Stevia is simple to grow, and its calorie free. A couple of leaves in tea or coffee will sweeten it the same as sugar would. This herb is great for diabetics too. In winter months, Stevia will do better indoors.
  • Cutting garden: If you enjoy fresh flowers in your home, sew some seeds of perennials and annuals for a cutting garden. Choose flowers of different heights that will bloom at different times, so you always have something to pick.
  • Lemon grass: If you enjoy Indian and Asian cooking, lemon grass is a great addition to your garden. The leave can also be used to make tea and it has a fragrant, intoxicating scent.
  • Carrots: Besides the fiber and vitamins packed into carrots, the lacy foliage is a wonderful addition to a garden or container and carrots grow easily from seeds.

See you in the garden!

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