Painting / Paint Removal Methods
Paint is great when applied to walls, furniture and floors as planned, but not so great on unwanted places. Try these removal tips:
  • To remove fresh latex paint from carpet: soak with dish detergent diluted with 20 parts water; agitate; blot; rinse; blot. If the paint has dried, a little lacquer thinner will soften and remove it (lacquer thinner could also melt certain kinds of carpet, so test first).
  • Get paint out of a carpet by sponging with a solution of 1 tbs. of detergent and 1 tbs. vinegar, in 1 quart of warm water.
  • Touch a hard drop of paint with a Q-tip dipped in paint remover. This will also soften the paint back so it can be blotted and rinsed out.
  • To remove oil-based paint or varnish from carpet: Check the label on the paint or varnish for the specific thinner or solvent to use. If the spot is already dry, soften it by covering it for several hours with towels dampened with the appropriate solvent; agitate with a brush, repeat as necessary; apply detergent solution and work into the stain; blot; rinse with warm water; blot dry.
  • Soften paint splatters on a window with hot vinegar, then scrape off with a razor blade.
  • Make a paste of starch and hot water and apply to spills on vinyl floors as linoleum. Let it sit for 30 minutes then wipe clean.
  • A paste-type paint remover will remove paint spots from brick.
  • You can remove paint splatters from your hair by rubbing the spots with baby oil.
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