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Ace Alkatex Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint

Interior Premium Enamel

Alkatex is a hybrid technology that combines the tough durability of an alkyd with the easy soap and water clean up of a latex paint. The special Alkatex formulation suspends alkyd resin in water unlike traditional alkyd based enamels where the resin is dissolved in a solvent. As the paint film begins to dry, the water evaporates causing the alkyd resin and paint pigment particles to merge and compact. As the water evaporates, the paint ingredients combine into a solid mass that begins to react and crosslink. The result is a hard durable paint film that guarantees long lasting beauty.

The special formulation rewards you with dual befit of both alkyd and latex performance. Like alkyds the finish is tough and resists chipping, scratching, grease and oil stains, and withstands repeated washing. Alkatex is water-based, easy to apply, needs only soap and water clean-up and is low in VOCs. Ace Alkatex Cabinet, Door & Trim enamel offers the perfect balance between beauty and durability. The deep rich appearance of semigloss finish is reminiscent of fine old-world craftsmanship, premium formulation and easy application combining to provide the perfect finish to showcase cabinets, doors, trim, furniture and more. Available in a one-quart size for 12.99 and a gallon size for 25.99.

- Hardware Hotline  February, 2008