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Gobble, Gobble, Itís Turkey Time

There is nothing quite like a barbecued turkey to serve as the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

I have both a Weber Charcoal Grill and a Traeger Grill in my yard. I canít quite decide which I prefer Ė so I use them both!

Traeger Method

The unique benefit of the Traeger method is that you can first smoke the turkey before cooking it. I like to stuff my turkey with lots of citrus: oranges, lemons and limes. I slice them up, toss them with onions, celery and parsley, then fill the cavity to the brim.

The turkey then goes directly on the grill. I generally smoke mesquite and applewood pellets together and set the grill on ďsmokeĒ for about two to three hours, basting it every 30 minutes with a combination of olive oil and fresh orange juice. This process allows the smoke to permeate, adding lots of flavor to the skin. Then I simply turn up the temperature to ďhighĒ. Depending on the size of the turkey, it should be ready to enjoy in about two hours.

Whatever your favorite recipe may be, you canít go wrong cooking in a Traeger Grill. And needless to say, clean-up is a snap. Just scrape the grill and youíre ready to go.

Weber Method

Using the Weber method, I place the turkey on a rack that sits in the middle of the barbeque. Be sure to use a pan below to catch the drippings for gravy!

I like to start with hot briquets, so I load a chimney chock-full of charcoal and set it a blaze. When they are a brilliant orange, I pour them in the two side areas of the barbeque and cover. Meanwhile, I immediately begin heating up another chimney full of briquets. I have the chimney sitting in a metal pan next to the barbeque.

Every half hour, baste the turkey with a mixture of butter, garlic and herbs and add more white hot briquets to sear it, locking in all the juices. With the added hear, the turkey cooks quickly Ė about 15 to 20 minutes per pound.

After the turkey cooks, let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Then begin carving, all the while treating yourself to bites of the outer layer of meat as you go (itís the best!) Try it, Itís delicious!

- Rick

- Hardware Hotline  November, 2007
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