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Introducing SFLOMA!

San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance is born!

    What started in late spring as a conversation amongst a diverse group of San Francisco merchants emerges today as SFLOMA.

    The San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance, encompassing numerous merchants across the City, has been specifically formed to identify and promote locally-owned independent retail businesses and to educate and inform residents and visitors on the positive economic impact on the community and the value to individuals of shopping at independent retailers first.

    We hope to have thousands of merchant members proudly displaying a decal on their windows along with a poster highlighting the benefits of shopping locally. The message is simple: “Shop here and your money stays here.”

    Recent economic studies show that for every $100 spent by a consumer, locally-owned businesses give back $68 to the local economy, while national chains only return $43. (See for the full report.)

    Here are more reasons that it makes sense to shop local first:
  • More money re-circulates in the City. Local businesses purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms.
  • Most new jobs are provided by local businesses. Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally, and in San Francisco they provide the most new jobs to residents.
  • Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of our city’s distinctive character.
  • Most local business owners live locally and willingly reinvest in their community’s future.
  • Customer service is better.
  • Competition and diversity lead to more choices.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Local purchases require less transportation.
  • Nonprofit organizations receive greater support: an average 350% more from local businesses than from non-locally-owned businesses.
    If you are a merchant we urge you to join us! Go to for more information or you can email Rick

- Hardware Hotline  October, 2005
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