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  • Kanberra Wipes Kanberra® Tea Tree Home Products - Got Mold? Mildew? Odors? Stop the stink with Kanberra, a line of all-natural air purifiers made from pure Australian tea tree oils certified by the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association. Kanberra was first to create a water-based, chemical- and alcohol-free air purifier using these oils. Additionally, Kanberra can trace its oils from seed to sale— […]


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An oasis for the urban gardener: plants, seeds, hoses, tools, soils, fertilizer and decorative flower pots.

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    • pollinators Pollinators: What’s the Buzz? - Pollinators are responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat! Pollinators—butterflies, bees, and moths—also help repopulate plants and add diversity to the environment, making an ecosystem more resilient. Unfortunately, pollinators are in decline. Gardeners are crucial to helping reverse this trend. The simple action of sowing seeds is powerful. It can create […]
    • handy-hoe Handy Hoe - Used in Asia for thousands of years, the garden hoe or ho-mi is the standard for getting gardening chores done. Maybe the best garden tool created, the Handy Hoe gives your back a break by effortlessly cutting through soil, digging holes, and doing just about everything else in the garden. It literally is the sharpest […]
    • Acr248208023628812029141 Easter Egg Hunt at Rockridge Store - Easter Egg Hunt at Rockridge Store 5533 College Avenue Sunday, March 27 9:00 am–11:00 am Our Rockridge store will be hosting an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning. Both children and adults are welcome to come in and scavenge the store for hidden eggs. Some eggs will have treats inside, and some will have valuable […]
    • pam Meet the Author: Pam Peirce - Meet the Author: Pam Peirce Saturday, March 12, 11:00 am–1:00 pm 956 Cole Street Pam Peirce grew up in Indiana and moved to San Francisco after she finished college with a bachelor’s degree in botany. She enjoyed California culture as well as the mild winters that allow a year-round garden. While studying the climate of […]
    • ColeHardware_EliminatingRoundup We’re Eliminating Roundup® From Our Shelves - Our pollinator friends, the bees, have had a rough past few years, with their numbers dwindling at alarming rates. A large percentage of our food crops are dependent at least in part on cross-pollination by bees, and some crops, such as almonds, are 100% dependent. Pesticides are believed to be one of the culprits for […]
    • Veronica Guru Meet Veronica, Our Garden Guru - Veronica, an aesthetic pruner and garden educator, is the owner and operator of a fine gardening business in San Francisco and part of our Repair Referral Service. She thoroughly enjoys garden maintenance—likening it to creating beautiful paintings from a messy canvas—and implementing small-scale garden installations. Using organic, sustainable gardening practices, Veronica advocates for native and low-water-need plants […]
    • biobag-slide BioBag® - Composting Bags Composting is the decomposition of food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper products into a rich earthen material excellent for enriching garden soil or adding to houseplants. It is also a crucial way to reduce the volume of trash that we send to our landfills unnecessarily for disposal. To make composting as easy […]
    • Acr1976270950852021232 DRiWATER™ - The Inexpensive, Reliable Plant Sitter DRiWATER is a patented product that consists of 98% purifed water and 2% food-grade ingredients. It is bound in the form of a gel-like solid that provides consistent subsurface irrigation for plants. Organic and completely nontoxic, DRiWATER helps you maintain beautiful and well-hydrated plants without wasting water. An especially good […]
    • soilstarter Felicia’s Favorites: Seed Starter Pellets and Brick Plus - Polk Street’s Felicia has a green thumb and loves to garden. One of her tips for getting your seeds to sprout sooner is to use Wonder Soil®, a light-weight soiless growing medium made from premium coco coir. With guaranteed low salts, it promotes a stronger root system, faster germination, and enhanced plant growth. Available in […]
    • monarch-18140_1280 Save the Monarch Butterfly - We all recognize the iconic monarch butterfly with its majestic orange and black wings. Unfortunately, there has been a 90% drop in the population of the monarch butterfly in the United States over the past 20 years, but there is something gardeners can do to make a big difference in their decline. Butterflies are more […]