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Montana GOLD Spray Paint


Montana GOLD spray paint is the perfect tool for artists and creative workers. The specially developed low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to give professional results! High-covering and quick drying acrylic lacquer, Montana GOLD allows for a new level of ease and control when painting with spray cans—with no cracking or color bleaching. The Montana GOLD color system has been completely overhauled and optimized by a dedicated team of artists and laboratory experts. With over 200 matte acrylic colors, Montana GOLD offers one of the largest color ranges available in spray paint and can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, or even flexible surfaces.

The low-pressure system allows perfect handling with a level of control that has never existed before. The Montana Level Caps were precisely developed for the low-pressure system, allowing the cleanest and most even lines with the highest efficiency and accuracy. Spray widths from 0.4 cm up to 25 cm can be achieved, depending on the user’s skill and experience.

Available at our downtown, SoMa, and North Beach stores in a wide variety of colors. ($9.99)

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.50.57 PM

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Pantone® Color of the Year: Greenery

A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, Greenery signals for us to take a deep breath, oxygenate, and reinvigorate. Greenery is nature’s neutral. The more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world. This shift is reflected by the proliferation of all things expressive of Greenery in daily lives through urban planning, architecture, lifestyle, and design choices globally.

Benjamin Moore®  colors in this family of green include Fresh Lime (2032-30), Traffic Light (2032-20), and Lucky Charm (2030-30). An entire room in a bright green hue might not be for everyone, but it will surely brighten up a dark room and make a fun accent wall. You’ll find a selection of housewares in various shades of Greenery on our shelves, too.

green1      green2     green3      green4  green5  greem6

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Benjamin Moore® 2017 Color of the Year

Influenced by fashion, home furnishings, and fine art across the globe, the color researchers at Benjamin Moore have named Shadow as their color of the year for 2017. The royal amethyst hue hints at allusiveness and has an aura of mystery. Shadow can be used to create a dramatic room or as a standalone shade for a stunning accent wall. Pick up a copy of Color Trends 2017 at any Cole Hardware paint department, a corresponding palette of 23 sophisticated hues, ranging from muted pales to saturated deep tones that celebrate the impact of light on color.



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Home Painting by Todd

Todd painting a home

ToddSummer and fall are excellent times in the Bay Area to undertake a home painting project. If your home is in need of a paint job, consider Todd, a proud member of our Repair Referral Service. Todd began painting over 35 years ago while in college at the University of Vermont. After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in geology, he found himself in San Francisco, where he began working with a painting contractor restoring Victorians.
With an ability to finish difficult and daunting projects and a keen eye for detail, Todd earned a painter’s license and founded his own painting company in 1994. Todd’s philosophy for these last 22 years is based on providing a great product for a fair price. He understands the need for the right tools, the right paint, a great crew, and a clean, solid methodology. Todd knows that there is a big difference between “working harder and working smarter.”
Todd painting a home“Creating a great product in an efficient way,” Todd says, “involves building a solid foundation through great communication, thinking ahead, and completing a series of building blocks in a careful, efficient, and thorough manner.” All of Todd’s newly hired employees receive personal training and oversight in order to improve their skills and strengthen their contributions to the team effort. Todd hires and trains people who are able to think ahead, work conscientiously, and double-check their work at each phase, ending with great results.
One of the most common sayings in the painting industry goes: “Prep is everything.” On older homes, this often involves thorough removal of old, peeling paint before anything else happens. Fortunately, Todd is EPA-certified for lead paint removal and has decades of experience in keeping the work environment clean and safe. Once the paint has been removed, it’s time to apply wood hardeners or primers as needed, refasten any loose boards, replace any rotted trim, apply epoxy fillers, caulk, prime again, and then, finally, paint.
Todd works in both the City and the East Bay and can be reached through our Repair Referral Service at or 415/753-2653 ext. 3.

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Blue Ribbon Brands

blue ribbonAt Cole Hardware, we believe in giving you a bang for your buck and, at the same time, providing a quality shopping experience and quality products as well. Buying high-quality goods is often less expensive in the long run, as a well-built product will last much longer, perform better, and can become an heirloom, handed down to the next generation. Look for these blue ribbon brands at our stores!

riedel logoRiedel Wine Glasses

Producers of fine Austrian crystal in the heart of Europe for over 250 years and through 11 generations, Riedel has perfected the design of crystal glassware to enhance the aroma and taste of wine.

miele logoMiele Vacuums

Known for their superb quality and craftsmanship, Miele vaccuums are built to last 20 years.

staub logoStaub® Enameled Cast Iron

Staub cookware comes from the Alsace region of France, an area rich in history, food, and craft and renowned for hearty one-pot recipes and fine enameled ceramics.

finex logoFinex® Cast-Iron Cookware

Visually stunning, yet rugged, Finex cookware sears foods beautifully and cooks evenly with no sticking.

aura waterborne exterior paintBenjamin Moore® Aura® Waterborne Paint

Quite simply one of the finest paints on the market, Aura, with breakthrough ColorLock® technology, creates a luxurious finish and a richer, truer color desired by discerning homeowners.

wellnessmats logoWellnessMats®

These revolutionary anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide maximum comfort, safety, and well-being while you stand.

fermob logoFermob Outdoor Furniture

With its charm and wide array of hues—plum, poppy red, aubergine, verbena, honey, carrot, nutmeg, lagoon blue, and more, this bistro furniture made in France of lacquered stainless steel features an anti-UV powder coating, making it ideal for outdoor use. Add a splash of color to a kitchen or patio.

vitamix logoVitamix®

Much more than just a blender, a Vitamix allows you to whip up smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, ice cream, and juices, all with one machine. Grind your coffee beans or make fresh peanut butter with just-roasted peanuts.

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Amy Howard at Home® Hands-On Workshop

Amy Howard at Cole Hardware

Amy Howard at Cole Hardware

Wednesday, July 20, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm
All Cole Hardware Locations

We’ve been raving about this paint for its ease of use and ability to transform furniture or cabinetry without stripping, sanding, or priming. Here’s your chance to see for yourself at our hands-on demonstration! Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint™ is a water-based paint that adheres to most any surface. Paint directly on old wood finishes, concrete, iron, stone, Formica, and more. It dries to the flat, chalky finish that we covet on antique pieces found at a Paris flea market or our favorite second-hand shops. Wax and dusting powder finish off the furniture for an authentic vintage look.

We will go through the painting, waxing, and dusting processes, and all materials will be provided. The class is free, but please register so that we have enough materials and refreshments on hand. To register, visit, e-mail, or call 415/674-8913 ext. 4.

We hope you join us for inspiration to take on a painting project at home!

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Meet Ricardo, Professional Painter

meettheauthorHow did COLE HARDWARE get so lucky to meet Ricardo, one of the top-notch painters in our Repair Referral Service? Ricardo was introduced to us by another of our fine tradespeople, and he’s quickly become part of the family. A member of our Repair Referral Service for about six months now, Ricardo has been generating nothing but compliments on his professionalism, fine work, and fair pricing. Ricardo has a unique background, coming to the United States from El Salvador. He has a long resume that precedes his paint contracting business, having been an airplane mechanic and earning his EMT certification. A member of two local unions, Ricardo has worked in some of the City’s residential skyscrapers. When considering all that’s needed to repair and maintain a home, a new paint job is often the first “go-to” project that is highly cost effective. Ricardo says, “When clients make a decision to paint the exterior or interior of their home, they should always choose a top-quality paint like Benjamin Moore,” which is, of course, sold at all four of our COLE HARDWpainterhouseARE stores. According to Ricardo, a paint job will hold up longer with a top-grade paint, thus adding to both the value and enjoyment of your home. Ricardo takes great pride in seeing his clients’ reactions to a completed paint job. He believes a new interior paint job can be a great mood elevator! If you aren’t sure of a color, Ricardo will help you select the ideal shade. Ricardo never schedules more than two jobs at the same time. This allows him to personally oversee all projects, keep overhead low, and pass the savings on to you. Ricardo has obtained EPA Lead-Safe certification, so he is knowledgeable about the rules and regulations regarding lead paint. Most houses built before 1978 have been painted with lead paint. Ricardo employs a technique for sanding and disposing of lead dust that keeps you and your family safe during the painting process. When Ricardo is not painting, he parents his two children and coaches professional soccer. If you would like to get a free estimate to paint your home or business, inside or out, contact Ricardo through our Repair Referral Service at 415/753-2653 ext. 3 or e-mail homerepair@cole

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Benjamin Moore® Color of the Year: Simply White

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 11.46.52 AMDon’t be fooled! White is a complex color with an endless number of subtle distinctions. Benjamin Moore has more than 250 white colors in its portfolio of over 3,000 colors, and 5 of the top 10 best-selling colors are variants of white. Symbolic of purity and often used in a minimalistic aesthetic, the right shade of white can suggest much more than a blank canvas or institutional setting.

A white room can make an accent wall or piece of furniture pop. White walls can make a cramped apartment feel airy and fresh. White can define contrasting angles and edges when it is cut with black or a dark hue. White can help a room take on a warm, soft glow. While some colors energize, white can create crisp, clean borders.

When thinking about your next painting project, consider white in a whole new light and imagine how it might work in your space!

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2015 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore’s 2015 Color of the Year goes to…

guilford-greenGuilford Green (HC-116)

For a new outlook, painting can transform a room, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. For the cost of a can of paint and supplies, a room can easily be converted to a more inviting space. Monochromatic colors can create a graceful flow from room to room. Try warm, cool, dark, and light layers of the same hue. Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green (HC-116), their 2015 color of the year, is the color that can tie this all together. A neutral color, it is a silvery green that works with a wide range of color combinations—from neutrals to daring shades.

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