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Emergency Preparations: Lighting

Emergency Preparedness: Lighting

Emergency Preparedness: LightingThe recent devastating earthquake in Italy and 27th anniversary of the October 17 Loma Prieta earthquake are both reminders to make sure your emergency kits are up to date. One thing of importance is to have backup lighting sources available. We can experience power outages during even mild rainstorms, and a major earthquake could leave us without electricity for days at a time.

With the many options of lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps available these days, there is no reason for candles, which can be dangerous. Review your home and work emergency kits and update if necessary.

Personal Flashlights: A ll f amily m embers and coworkers should have easy access to a flashlight, which should be checked regularly. I recommend Fenix® P D35, w hich p roduces a brilliant beam of light. With a maximum output of 960 lumens, this light is brighter than many search-and-rescue flashlights on the market while remaining a fraction of the size and the cost. Powering this incredible technology is either two lithium CR123 batteries, or a single, rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 cell. (Sku 300396, $79.99) Powered by two AA batteries, the Mini Maglite® LED is very compact for a purse, backpack, or desk drawer. Maglite is known for its quality and durability. (Sku 34090, $14.99)

Area Lighting: Dedicated area-type lanterns like the Rayovac® Sportsman 9-watt lantern can be set on a high shelf and illuminate a large space. This will allow you to perform tasks or play a board game with the family while the power is out. (Sku 3165784, $34.99)

Headlamps: A wellfitting headlamp makes it a lot easier to read, cook, or perform any task because your hands are free. The Energizer® LED Headlight offers various settings and a pivoting light. (Sku 3529773, $19.99)

Should you have any questions on lighting or emergency preparations, please feel free to reach me at or by calling the Cole Street store at 415/319-6705.

—Glen, Cole Street Safety Coordinator

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Tips for Home Safety and Accessibility

Safer Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner

Hazards in the home are responsible for about a third of the injuries suffered by older adults, and people with impairments may face difficulties—and barriers to independent living—in their own environments. It therefore makes sense to observe household habits, identify problem areas, and make changes that will help create safer, more accessible living situations. Since June is Home Safety Month, we’ve compiled a list of easy fixes to common problems. The products shown are samples of the many from which to choose at Cole Hardware.


  • Improve lighting, if necessary, both indoors and out, to add safety as well as security. FrogLeggs Night Vision LightTake special note of stairways, and don’t forget closets.
  • Night lights or motion-sensor lights should be put in hallways and bathrooms used at night. Entryways and stairwells should be well lighted, too. One of our favorite motion sensor lights is the Light It™ wireless LED porch light, which can stand on a surface or be mounted on a wall. (Sku 3266087, $31.99)
  • Key ring flashlights allow maneuvering through dark parking areas—or even to the bathroom. The FrogLeggs™ Night Vision light is small enough to attach to a key ring and features a long-life LED bulb. (Sku 9309501, $3.49)
  • Stair safety treads provide stability, and a contrasting color tread at the edge of a step gives a visual cue. Cole Hardware has assorted widths, colors, and textures available.
  • Handrails should be positioned about adult elbow height on both sides of staircases. Knobs at both ends will alert the user that the stairs end.Monaco Lok-Lift Rug Gripper
  • Grab bars should be situated vertically at tops of stairs, and bars or handrails should be placed in bathrooms where needed (towel racks should never be used for support).
  • A shower seat and a handheld showerhead will help avoid fatigue and eliminate bending. The Safety First™ nonslip seat has rustproof legs and fits in standard tubs and showers. (Sku 4017000, $44.99) The Oxygenics® handheld power massage showerhead has five settings, a 5-foot hose, and a stationary mounting bracket. Easy installation. (Sku 4495750, $39.99)
  • Nonslip coatings or safety mats or strips will guard against slips in tubs and showers. Bath mats should have nonskid backings.
  • Limit the use of extension cords and fasten them to baseboards. 3M Cord Clips hold firmly and remove cleanly with no surface damage. Each clip holds 1 pound. Package of four clips and five adhesive strips. (Sku 5095856, $4.99)
  • Throw rugs should be removed or secured to the floor with double-sided rug tape such as Manco® Lok-Lift Rug Gripper 2.5″ x 25′. (Sku 6016158, $11.99)
  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches are great for those with poor hand strength.Safer Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner
  • Relocate items in cupboards and cabinets so that they are low enough to be easily reached.
  • Lower closet shelves if necessary.
  • A long-handled pick-up tool can be used to reach objects that are on high shelves or on the floor. The Pik Stik pick-up tool has a 32″ handle and a 4″ jaw opening. It will hold a 3-pound object. (Sku 2114957, $29.99)
  • If a step stool is necessary, a sturdy one with side handles should be used.
  • Clear moss and mildew from shady stairs and sidewalks so that areas are not slippery. Water-based Safer® Moss and Algae Killer and Surface Cleaner will do the job—plus it’s noncorrosive to metals and will actually beautify wood. (Sku 7115991, $19.99)
  • Hose reels loop hoses out of the way.
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What’s New in LED Lighting

led-bulbThey appear to be bulbs, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are actually tiny semiconductors. When power is applied, they are stimulated by the movement of electrons, thus creating photons, or light, that is visible to the human eye. Because LEDs do not use filaments, like incandescent bulbs, they emit much less heat and are more efficient in consumption and output. Quickly replacing fluorescent bulbs and tubes, prices have drastically dropped in the last few years as the technology becomes more prevalent.

LED Replacement Tube

Convert your existing fluorescent fixture to LED light technology without having to replace ballasts or rewire lamp holders. Simply plug in these shatterproof acrylic tubes. An ideal replacement for T8 tubes, these tubes are mercury-free, feature a 35,000 hour rated life, and can save up to 66% in energy costs. Suitable for any indoor area, even damp locations, the cool-white glow features 1,600 lumens. No flickering or strobing. Available in a 4-foot length 2-pack. (Sku 366082, $29.99)

Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb

For any area you want lit at night for security or safety, these nondimmable Dusk to Dawn LED light bulbs feature a built-in automatic on/off sensor that turns on at night and turns off during the day. The base can also be twisted to adjust the sensor direction. Energy efficient, these LEDs use up to 84% less energy than their standard incandescent counterpart. With a warm-white glow, the long life of 25,000 hours means these bulbs won’t need to be replaced for years. And unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs contain no mercury. (Sku 366085, $14.99)

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LivingPlug INLET + Faceplate

Eco-Designed Home or Office Charging Station

Can you believe it’s been over 100 years since the electrical outlet was invented? San Francisco–based LivingPlug is innovating the way we plug into our outlets by creating an eco-designed charging station that can deliver more plugs and a pop of color to any outlet in your house. The INLET has a high-capacity USB charger, three child-safe outlets, and a master kill switch. The interchangeable faceplate system will conceal an outlet, highlight a room’s décor, or make a statement. LivingPlug offers a wide selection of licensed images, the ability to upload a personalized photo, a solid walnut, and a blank faceplate that can be painted or wrapped with wallpaper. For the first time in history, you can put art on an outlet—or a picture of baby’s first smile. (Blank: Sku 324023, $29.99; Walnut: Sku 324024, $39.99)

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Light Up the Night

lightupI have to admit I was skeptical. The folks behind Sparkle Magic called me about carrying their product in our stores. I listened. I looked at the brochure they e-mailed to me, and I said, “No, not interested.” I just didn’t think there would be any demand. Refusing to take no for an answer, they wanted to send one to me to try. I discouraged them because I felt guilty taking a sample when I had no intention of carrying the product. They insisted. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll take it home and check it out.” The Sparkle Magic Illuminator is a portable high-tech laser that casts a dazzling array of lights wherever you aim it  —on your home, landscaping, or any surface you like. I plugged it in, aimed it at a huge birch tree, and was instantly mesmerized. Thousasparklemagicnds of green lights shimmered along with the rustling leaves! I then moved it and lit up my house. An amazing transformation! Then I turned the dial as instructed. The random lights turned into thousands of star bursts—really remarkable and beautiful. Seeing is believing. Check out www, and you’ll totally get it.Sparkle Magic comes in red, green, or blue. You can select just one color, or you can mix and match for an even cooler effect. (Skus 999218, 19, 20, $149.99)

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Envi™ High-Efficiency Panel Heater

The World’s First and Only 100% Pure Convection Heaterenvi-heater
The stylish wall-mounted Envi panel heater is the most innovative and energy-efficient heater available. The Envi is the world’s frst heater to use “stack convection technology” to evenly distribute the perfect amount of heat throughout a room while reducing your heating bills by up to 50%. Offering a safe, healthy living environment, especially for children, seniors, and pets because it cannot be tipped over, Envi’s exterior shell always remains cool to the touch. And because the Envi does not use a fan, the days of worrying about dust and other allergen particles being blown into the air are a thing of the past. The Envi installs on your wall in seconds using a simple three-step process. No hassle, just clean, fresh, warm air. Simply mount to the wall, and the 120-volt plug-in heater draws cold air in, heating it rapidly to create a natural updraft of warm air. The cold room air circulates slowly through the heater, which produces an airstream that blankets the entire room. Only 2 inches thick, the Envi heater sits nearly flush to the wall, creating no walkway clutter. No noisy fan means the heater is totally silent. Made in the USA. Dimensions: 19″W x 22″H x 2″D. Available in a hard-wired (Sku 610050, $134.95) or plug-in version (Sku 610051, $139.95)

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Good-Bye, Phantom Energy!

Halloween isn’t the only time phantoms are among us—an actual terror may already be in your home or business. These “energy vampires” are all too real and all around, running up your energy bill even when you are not actively using your appliances.Also known as standby power, leaking electricity, or phantom load, vampire power is wasted electrical energy consumed while appliances are switched off (to standby or off mode) but are still plugged in. These appliances range from televisionsand home entertainment systems to personal computers and peripherals—all of which continue to draw power even when they are turned off. This can account for up to 15% of your total electric bill. Advanced power strips are energy-saving devices that use one outlet to control the power supplied to other outlets on the same strip. An advanced power strip will automatically eliminate vampire loads of electronic peripheral devices that are not needed (DVD player, computer printer, scanner, and so on) when an electronic control device (television or personal computer) is in standby or off mode.TrickleStar® Advanced PowerStrips offer fireproof surge protection and reduce the amount of standby power wasted by electronics. The 7 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip offers two outlets that remain on at all times—plug your television into the control outlet and then up to four peripherals. When your television is off, the peripheral devices will be automatically shut down and not consume any electricity. Available in two models with different degrees of surge protection. (Sku 327002, $26.99; Sku 327008, $34.99)The Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip also features a multi sensor with a countdown timer to power off a television and peripherals if no motion is detected in the room. Simple and easy to install, this automated way to reduce wasted energy consumption is perfect for households with children or those who fall asleep watching television. (Sku 327001, $69.99) DS 188LV-US-7XX-Multi-Sensor

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EL Wire

Electroluminescent wire, know commonly as EL wire, is a flexible wire that illuminates, making it ideal for costumes, clothing, shoes, art installations, signs, and more.
elwire2Unlike traditional rope lighting, EL wire produces an unbroken line of light. How cute would your daughter’s dance troupe look up on stage with pink tutus outlined in pink EL wire? Or get creative for Halloween this year. The possibilities are endless! Our stores stock 2-meter EL wire in blue, green, pink, red, and white. (Skus 366046–50, $14.99) We also have a sound-activated version, also measuring 2 meters, in blue, green, pink, and white. (Skus 366052–5, $16.99)

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Rock Out Throughout the House!

SengledLEDWhile we may not quite be at The Jetsons level of home technology just yet, we can now rock and roll at home courtesy of our light bulbs! Yes—our light bulbs! Dance while doing the dishes! Rock out while you cook or fold laundry! These new energy-saving LED Pulse light bulbs by Sengled are equipped with JBL Bluetooth speakers allowing you to blare Beyonce or create a more sophisticated ambiance with some subtle Mozart or Chopin. Conveniently adjust both lighting and sound with the smartphone app. (What can we not do with our smart phones these days?) Does your Wi-Fi signal fade in some rooms? Fix that easily with the Boost LED light bulb, a Wi-Fi connection extender. This cool new intelligent illumination gives a whole new meaning to “raise the roof”.
SengledLED2Pulse is a smart bulb that combines the energy efficiency of a dimmable LED light with the high quality of a 13-watt JBL Bluetooth speaker. Simply twist Pulse into any standard light socket and adjust both lighting and sound from the iOS/Android app. Connect up to six additional satellite bulbs for surround sound. No speaker wires, power cords, or remote controls required. The Pulse Kit includes one speSengledLED3aker bulb and one satellite bulb. (Sku 399600, $149.99). Additional satellite bulbs are available too. (Sku 399601, $79.99)
Pulse Solo works similarly to Pulse but functions independently without any additional satellite bulbs. You can still enjoy the energy effciency of a dimmable LED combined with the high-quality audio of a JBL Bluetooth speaker and adjust both lighting and sound from the smartphone app. Ideal for desk or nightstand lamps. (Sku 399602, $79.99)Boost gives you Wi-Fi where you want it, combined with high-effiiency, dimmable LED light. End Internet dead zones for good, as each bulb you connect increases the range of your Wi-Fi. Enjoy your shows, movies, and music from almost anywhere in your home along with an iOS/Android app for Wi-Fi setup and lighting control to keep your spaces bright. (Sku 399603, $49.99)
Stop by any Cole Hardware location to learn how you can listen to your music. Everywhere!

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