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Dyson® Pure Cool Link™ Air Purifier and Fan

Dust is a part of City living, unfortunately, and dusting can be a difficult task to stay on top of. Get some help with the sleek Dyson Pure Cool Link, which removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. A 360° glass HEPA filter captures ultra fine particles from the air, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. The Pure Cool Link automatically monitors, reacts, and purifies air. It then reports to your Dyson Link app, so you can remotely control your environment. Increase the airflow speed for cooling in warmer weather. Safe and easy to clean with no fast-spinning blades or awkward grills, and it oscillates to project and circulate purified air across the room. Engineered for night-long purification, the built-in sleep timer can be set for up to 9 hours. (Sku 624003, $499.99)

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Blue Ribbon Brands

blue ribbonAt Cole Hardware, we believe in giving you a bang for your buck and, at the same time, providing a quality shopping experience and quality products as well. Buying high-quality goods is often less expensive in the long run, as a well-built product will last much longer, perform better, and can become an heirloom, handed down to the next generation. Look for these blue ribbon brands at our stores!

riedel logoRiedel Wine Glasses

Producers of fine Austrian crystal in the heart of Europe for over 250 years and through 11 generations, Riedel has perfected the design of crystal glassware to enhance the aroma and taste of wine.

miele logoMiele Vacuums

Known for their superb quality and craftsmanship, Miele vaccuums are built to last 20 years.

staub logoStaub® Enameled Cast Iron

Staub cookware comes from the Alsace region of France, an area rich in history, food, and craft and renowned for hearty one-pot recipes and fine enameled ceramics.

finex logoFinex® Cast-Iron Cookware

Visually stunning, yet rugged, Finex cookware sears foods beautifully and cooks evenly with no sticking.

aura waterborne exterior paintBenjamin Moore® Aura® Waterborne Paint

Quite simply one of the finest paints on the market, Aura, with breakthrough ColorLock® technology, creates a luxurious finish and a richer, truer color desired by discerning homeowners.

wellnessmats logoWellnessMats®

These revolutionary anti-fatigue mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide maximum comfort, safety, and well-being while you stand.

fermob logoFermob Outdoor Furniture

With its charm and wide array of hues—plum, poppy red, aubergine, verbena, honey, carrot, nutmeg, lagoon blue, and more, this bistro furniture made in France of lacquered stainless steel features an anti-UV powder coating, making it ideal for outdoor use. Add a splash of color to a kitchen or patio.

vitamix logoVitamix®

Much more than just a blender, a Vitamix allows you to whip up smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soups, ice cream, and juices, all with one machine. Grind your coffee beans or make fresh peanut butter with just-roasted peanuts.

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Kanberra® Tea Tree Home Products

Kanberra Wipes

Got Mold? Mildew? Odors? Stop the stink with Kanberra, a line of all-natural air purifiers made from pure Australian tea tree oils certified by the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association. Kanberra was first to create a water-based, chemical- and alcohol-free air purifier using these oils. Additionally, Kanberra can trace its oils from seed to sale— which means its products are safe to breathe!

Kanberra GelThe star of the Kanberra product family is the Kanberra Gel®, available in a wide variety of sizes for hundreds of different applications. As the water evaporates from the container, the tea tree oils enter your air and latch on to mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and more. And because there are no chemicals, you never have to worry about Kanberra products in the air you breathe. (2-Ounce Gel: Sku 106008, $19.99; 4-Ounce Gel: Sku 106009, $31.99)

Kanberra’s other products, Kanberra Spray® (Sku 106010, $8.99) and Kanberra Wipes® (Sku 106011, $8.99), do double duty! Kanberra WipesThey both clean your air and surfaces.

Kanberra SprayKanberra products can be used in numerous life spaces. Keep Kanberra in your car—whether it’s your everyday car or a classic car you keep in storage, Kanberra keeps it fresh and odor-free! Use it around your pets—did you know that insects dislike tea tree oil? Spray a few squirts of Kanberra Spray on your dog to help prevent fleas and ticks and keep the mosquitos from biting.

Kanberra Spray is also a great remedy for the “wet dog” smell that all dog owners are familiar with! In your home, keep a jar of Gel in your garbage can, diaper pail, next to a kitty litter box or dog kennel. In your RV or boat, use the Gel to prevent mold, repel critters (like mice!), and keep your space fresh all season long.

So, when you need a product that truly does it all—removes odors, repels insects, prevents mold and mildew— make sure you “look for the koala” with Kanberra!

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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Visits

epa-visitOn April 28, Cole Hardware was honored to host a press conference with the administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy. Along with Rick Karp, EPA regional administrator (and Cole Street shopper) Jared Blumenfeld, and Greenopia founder Gay Browne, Ms. McCarthy was on hand at our Cole Street store to highlight the importance of using cleaning products that are safer for people, pets, and the environment.

The event was an official kickoff for the EPA’s new Safer Choice label, the first federal label for cleaning products, which makes it easier to choose products that meet the EPA’s rigorous scientific standards. The Safer Choice products are also less toxic to fish and other aquatic life, as they break down more quickly through natural processes, so they are less likely to become part of the food chain or damage the ecosystem. You’ll find multiple products on the shelves at Cole Hardware that sport the Safer Choice label, including some from Seventh Generation®, CLR®, and Ecos Pro™. Just look for the Safer Choice label when shopping for cleaning supplies.

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Safer Choice Labels

COLE HARDWARE has always been a leader in stocking and promoting greener products for our customers. As part of that commitment, we are glad to feature products that carry the Safer Choice label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Products carrying the Safer Choice label are safer for fasafechoicemilies, pets, communities, and the environment. All the chemicals in labeled products have been reviewed by the EPA to be the safest possible, using strict criteria for environmental and health safety and verified by an independent third party. For consumers and purchasers, especially those with allergies or sensitivities, Safer Choice also awards a “fragrance-free” label to easily identify products that have been verified as free of fragrance materials. More than 2,000 products, from almost 500 manufacturers, currently qualify to carry the Safer Choice label, including household cleaners, laundry and dish detergents, and floor-care and automotive-care products. A number of well-known consumer brands carried in our stores sport the label, such as Seventh Generation™, CLR®, and Bissell®. Keep an eye out for the label on products when shopping for safe and effective cleaners for yourself and your family. During the week of April 4, when the EPA officially rolls out the new labels, look for shelf tags highlighting Safer Choice–labeled products at our stores. For more information about Safer Choice and where to find the products carrying the label, check out the EPA’s website at www.epa. gov/saferchoice.

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Side Walk Sale – Rockridge Store

Time to clean the cupboards! We’ll be cleaning house and lining the sidewalks at our Rockridge store with hundreds of bargains! We have lots of merchandise that is in good shape but perhaps a bit shopworn—ripped packaging or maybe a little scratched or dusty. And we need to empty the warehouse to make room for new and exciting summer merchandise. Everything in our sidewalk sale will be marked down 25% to 75%, so you’ll be sure to find some exceptional deals.


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Solutions from Holster® Brands

New to Cole Hardware, ingenious Holster Brands products are silicone storage pockets for household items that you like to have within reach. Using them could not be easier—the patented design allows the holster to cling to any smooth surface by eliminating the air between the two surfaces and creating a temporary bond. They are easy to clean and move, so they can be used time after time for all of your cleaning, workshop, crafting, organizing, and even hairstyling needs! Holster Brands items are resistant to high heat so that curling irons or glue guns can safely be held in place. Once the bond is formed onto a dry surface, holsters can safely be sprayed with waWhat-and-Where-TUBter when used in the sink or on a shower wall. Items pictured range from $11.99–$19.99.

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