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Meet the Bugs!

girlbugsgirlRockridge Store 5533 College Avenue Saturday, September 16 1:00 pm–3:00 pm
Russian Hill Store 2254 Polk Street Saturday, September 23 1:00 pm–3:00 pm is committed to inspiring participation and awareness in the preservation of fragile ecosystems by providing opportunities for direct personal action to save the diversity of life on earth. Their popular Insect Discovery Lab will be visiting our Rockridge store on Saturday, September 16, and our Russian Hill store on Saturday, September 23. You can help, too. Shop at our stores during the insects’ visit and use the coupon below. You’ll save 10%, will receive 10% of all purchases made by shoppers using the coupon, and your children (or you!) can meet the bugs from the Insect Discovery Lab that will be making an appearance. Explore the fantastic lives of beetles, millipedes, tarantulas, walking sticks, whip scorpions, and more with this hands-on event! Introduce your children to the extraordinarily diverse world of insects and other arthropods.

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