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Aarke: Home Carbonation Refined


I love it. Well, I love making my own sparkling water, and my SodaStream machine has been a workhorse and very functional. But then something shiny and new caught my eye! Recently, I came across the Aarke, which means “everyday” in an obscure Swedish dialect. When I saw the Aarke in a trade publication, I was immediately intrigued. Its creator clearly set out to make a beautiful and functional appliance. Success. The Aarke is a sleek, stainless steel soda maker. Its visual footprint on your counter is compact, and it is 100% compatible with your existing SodaStream 60-liter cartridge and bottles, too. The lever carbonates and releases pressure nearly simultaneously, and it’s pretty darn quiet, too. Designed from the inside out, this Swedish marvel will look great in your kitchen.
Want to upgrade your plastic soda maker to this beautifully designed Aarke? Come on in and take a look. (Aarke: Sku 606700, $199.99; CO2 Cylinder: Sku 6275929, $29.99) —Rick

Upgrade to an Aarke, and we’ll include your first cylinder exchange free when your carbonator is spent—a $16.99 value.

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