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Meet Marc, Our Master Locksmith

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We joke around the Repair Referral Service office that Marc has been tinkering with locks since infancy—well, almost! A native San Franciscan, Marc has been trained in commercial and indus -trial locksmithing and has more than 30 years of commercial and residential work under his tool belt, including much experience installing and maintaining locks in the many Victor ians and Edwardians in San Francisco. He takes pride in his work and offers unparalleled customer service in the COLE HARDWARE tradition. Marc specializes in tiered master key systems. If you own several buildings and want to use one master key for entry to all, you would have a grand master. For a single building, you’d use a building master, and each floor of a building could have its own master, which would be a floor master. Marc can customize each master key system to whatever your security needs may be. Marc also recommends that homeowners, business owners, and property managers consider purchasing a lock system that will block unauthorized duplication of keys. This concept is called “key control.” COLE HARDWARE carries locks that operate with high security and patented keys.A typical call for Marc is a “rekey” (combination change) request, whereby, for any number of reasons, a customer needs his or her locks changed. Marc also gets calls when customers are locked out of their house or car. In most cases, Marc can provide a fast 30-minute response time. Marc says, “People should take a few minutes to recall who might have copies of their property keys, such as a former housemate, dog walker, tradesperson, contractor, and so on.” Many people in San Francisco live in shared housing. Locks and keys are rarely changed when a property is bought, sold, or re-rented, which means former tenants and their friends, associates, and others might still have keys to your home. Consider a security consultation with Marc if you have any doubts or concerns about the overall security of your property. Marc can do a complete walk-through of your property. He will look for any security vulnerabilities and point out any substandard hardware (locks, windows, doors, and so on). He will then provide a written summary that will include suggestions as well as hardware recommendations. A standard security consultation is $150. If customers choose Marc to upgrade their security, the $150 fee is applied to the final bill. For the month of June, Marc is offering a special price of $99.99 for a security consultation—a $50 savings! Additionally, Marc suggests installing quality locks such as Schlage or high-security locks like Medeco. Marc is able to install high-security locks, card reader locks, magnetic locks, and even biometric (fingerprint reader) locks. He also installs and maintains commercial door closers and panic hardware. In some cases, Marc has even fabricated his own parts for our commercial customers where standard parts just wouldn’t hold up to the excessive use! Whatever your needs may be—from a master key system for your building complex to a simple residential deadbolt installation—Marc is the one you need to call! You can contact Marc directly in emergencies or after hours at 415/760-LOCK (415/760-5625), or call our Repair Referral Service at 415/753-2653 ext. 3. We will put you in touch with Marc. He is one of the many assets of our Repair Referral Service, and we are glad to have him. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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