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Fermob Outdoor Furniture

Folding furniture, developed at the end of the 19th century, was immediately popular among lemonade sellers of the day, as it was quick and easy to pack away, which allowed them to avoid paying the license fee of a permanent location. Fermob developed its Bistro line of furniture from the original model described in the “Simplexfermob” patent registered in 1889, and Fermob is now the trustee of the brand. Transform your patio or deck into a Parisian bistro with this line of outdoor French furniture, which has not lost any of its authenticity. With its charm and wide array of colors—plum, poppy red, aubergine, verbena, honey, carrot, nutmeg, lagoon blue, and more, the Bistro collection is available at all of our locations in chairs, 24-inch tables, and 30-inch tables. Some of our stores also stock the Gueridons two-tier table in multiple colors. The assortment varies by location, but our Rockridge location can order any of the furniture featured in the catalog. Contact to place an order. This lacquered stainless steel furniture features an anti-UV powder coating, making it ideal for outdoor use. Add a splash of color to your outdoor area, but these sets are delightful enough for any kitchen or breakfast nook, too. Your citron pressé is waiting!

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