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What’s New in LED Lighting

led-bulbThey appear to be bulbs, but light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are actually tiny semiconductors. When power is applied, they are stimulated by the movement of electrons, thus creating photons, or light, that is visible to the human eye. Because LEDs do not use filaments, like incandescent bulbs, they emit much less heat and are more efficient in consumption and output. Quickly replacing fluorescent bulbs and tubes, prices have drastically dropped in the last few years as the technology becomes more prevalent.

LED Replacement Tube

Convert your existing fluorescent fixture to LED light technology without having to replace ballasts or rewire lamp holders. Simply plug in these shatterproof acrylic tubes. An ideal replacement for T8 tubes, these tubes are mercury-free, feature a 35,000 hour rated life, and can save up to 66% in energy costs. Suitable for any indoor area, even damp locations, the cool-white glow features 1,600 lumens. No flickering or strobing. Available in a 4-foot length 2-pack. (Sku 366082, $29.99)

Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb

For any area you want lit at night for security or safety, these nondimmable Dusk to Dawn LED light bulbs feature a built-in automatic on/off sensor that turns on at night and turns off during the day. The base can also be twisted to adjust the sensor direction. Energy efficient, these LEDs use up to 84% less energy than their standard incandescent counterpart. With a warm-white glow, the long life of 25,000 hours means these bulbs won’t need to be replaced for years. And unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs contain no mercury. (Sku 366085, $14.99)