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Meet Carla, Our Color Expert

MeetCarlaMany of you may recognize Carla as a crew member at our Cole Street store. She might even have helped you choose paint colors. What you probably don’t know is that she has her own interior/exterior color consulting business. She can help you select colors in your own home with the actual lighting, fixed elements, and room flow that play an integral part of a well-designed color scheme and are impossible to bring along with you to a paint store.

For paint, context is everything. The setting is critical to whether a particular color will be just okay or will truly shine. And it’s not just about painting a room—it’s about creating a collection of spaces that mesh together to create a mood that wasn’t there before, one that reflects who you are. You may even be surprised by a side of your personality that suddenly blossoms in your newly painted space.

If you’ve ever walked into COLE HARDWARE and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of colors available, you are not alone. Add to that the fact that there are nine different undertones in neutrals, some of which do not pair well together, and the task of choosing paint colors can be daunting. Choosing the right colors for your home is important, and this is where Carla can help. She will take the time to understand your personal aesthetic. She will help you select colors to enhance each interior space and create flow throughout the entire home.

Carla can help you choose exterior colors that work with your home’s architecture, fixed materials, and setting to create a beautiful result. She can also consult with you when you are choosing materials for a remodel or a new build, such as a granite countertop or floor tile. She will show you the wall color options that will coordinate with your choice of materials. This can be eye-opening and a tremendously important step in the process because you may not like the paint colors that will work best with your chosen materials.

Carla has the knowledge to explain to you why a particular color is right for a given space. She can quickly narrow down the multitude of possibilities to a few excellent options. Carla has a great eye for color, a background in design, and she has studied color extensively. She loves the “hands-on” nature of her consulting work—seeing new spaces, touching materials, and experiencing different color combinations in the real world rather than on a computer screen. She has been specifying color in a professional capacity for a number of years. Carla finds real joy in helping clients find colors that make their homes a place they love to spend time in. One of Carla’s favorite client comments was that the color selection process was fun rather than being stressful. And, of course, the client raved about the finished result.

A problem-solver at heart, Carla has discovered while working at COLE HARDWARE how much she enjoys engaging with customers and helping them solve their paint- and hardware-related problems. When color consulting with clients in their homes, not only does Carla get to solve her clients’ color-related problems, but she gets to let her creative juices flow, resulting in beautiful solutions. She helps create dramatic change, and she finds this to be extremely rewarding. If your home is in need of a color makeover, contact our Repair Referral Service at 415/200-3430 or e-mail, and we’ll put you in touch with our color expert.