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Quick Dam

The new alternative to heavy sand bags.

Absorbs, contains and diverts water! Self activates when wet.


If the El Niño predictions are correct, our heaviest rains will hit from January through March. Although there are relatively few creeks or streams in our urban areas, flooding occurs often during heavy downpours in driveways and backyards. Clogged storm drains are another source of flooding on city streets. Be prepared to protect flood-prone areas around your house with Quick Dam. These flood bags and barriers work similarly to sand bags in diverting water, but they are much more convenient—no heavy sand to lug around for one thing!

Compact and lightweight, these reusable barriers activate and swell when wet and evaporate when dry. They’ll reactivate when wet again and degrade naturally after several months of ongoing use, so they should last through the El Niño rains. Available in a 6-pack of bags (Sku 5681689, $39.99) or 10-foot barrier (Sku 5681622, $24.99).

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