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Light Up the Night

lightupI have to admit I was skeptical. The folks behind Sparkle Magic called me about carrying their product in our stores. I listened. I looked at the brochure they e-mailed to me, and I said, “No, not interested.” I just didn’t think there would be any demand. Refusing to take no for an answer, they wanted to send one to me to try. I discouraged them because I felt guilty taking a sample when I had no intention of carrying the product. They insisted. “Okay,” I said, “I’ll take it home and check it out.” The Sparkle Magic Illuminator is a portable high-tech laser that casts a dazzling array of lights wherever you aim it  —on your home, landscaping, or any surface you like. I plugged it in, aimed it at a huge birch tree, and was instantly mesmerized. Thousasparklemagicnds of green lights shimmered along with the rustling leaves! I then moved it and lit up my house. An amazing transformation! Then I turned the dial as instructed. The random lights turned into thousands of star bursts—really remarkable and beautiful. Seeing is believing. Check out www, and you’ll totally get it.Sparkle Magic comes in red, green, or blue. You can select just one color, or you can mix and match for an even cooler effect. (Skus 999218, 19, 20, $149.99)